The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage, by Midori

By MsDemmie on Mon 4 Feb 2002 at 20:33

A small group of us spent a quiet evening in (hiding from atrocious weather) and the talk turned to bondage. Having in my possession a copy of 'The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage', we decided to have a go. All the people concerned had never attempted any Japanese Bondage before, so we were all rather nervous and all finger and thumbs.

This didnt last long, with the excellent and clear instructions accompanied by clear illustrations, not to mention some wonderful colour photographs, we were all soon busily wrapping up our partners. After the few initial fumblings, thirty minutes later we all stood back to admire our handiwork. Lo and behold ! a line of well bound subbies all showing off rope and body harnesses.

I think the fact that three beginners completed a full body harness on first attempt, by following the instructions, speaks volumes for the book.

An excellent read, beautiful photographs and even better results.

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