Dungeons for Beginners?

By Denny on Fri 26 Apr 2002 at 14:07

This was originally a request specifically for the Nottingham area (the original article submission is included below). However, I thought it was worth throwing this out to cover a bit more ground... Presumably a beginner's criteria for what makes a good dungeon might well be different to what a more experienced person would be looking for? So... does anyone know any dungeons they would particularly recommend for people just getting into the scene?

Also, are there any dungeons people would particularly recommend for experienced people? Is it possible to be all things to all people, or is there a definite divide between where people should be going? Do different dungeons specialise in different kinds of activities? How many publicly accessible dungeons are there anyway?!?

Originally, Andrewh wrote: "Hi, my name is Andrew, and although I'm only 18 I'm really interested in pursuing some kind of fetish activity. I was just wondering if there were any pretty relaxed dungeons in the nottingham area of the UK... any response would be much appreciated. I particularly like gagging, bondage and spanking. Thankyou all."

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