UK Fetish Info nominated for Erotic Award

By Denny on Mon 26 Aug 2002 at 12:00

We've been nominated for an Erotic Award! As part of the judging process, we're supposed to supply 'reviews and/or press cuttings' about the site... of which there are basically none :( I suggested that instead I post an article asking the readers to explain why they like the site, and then send in the answers. This idea met with approval, so... why do you like this site? :)

The award we're nominated for is Disability Friendly Website (this site works very well with screen reading software for example), so comments are particularly sought from blind or otherwise disabled readers who have found some aspect of the site useful to them in connection with their disability.

However, any and all feedback is important - I intend to print out this article along with all the comments posted in reply to it, and send them to the judging panel for the award, in place of the more usual commercially based reviews they might see for other sites. This is your site, and I think your reviews are the most important ones!

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