Extemely Wicked at the Gothic Arches, Jan 11th

By skopje on Mon 13 Jan 2003 at 01:08

I was really looking foreward to attending my first fetish club in four months. I was just praying that my now over sensitive buttocks were up to the challenge. I had actually heard quite a lot about Wicked, and relished the chance to return to Cynthia's, my favourite fetish venue. The only thing which slightly played on my mind, was the price. As a community we technically qualify as a minority, and on occasion are exploited because of this. At 25 for a years membership and 20 entrance fee it would have to be something very special to justify such a bold price tag.

Upon entry to the club, I was met by my mistress. Already, such a different feel to the Club Flesh evenings of the past. Instead of a busy entrance, loud music and bustle. There was silence and not a soul. The first three rooms, that used to be the chill out, and dance floors respectively were completely empty.
'It is all behind here' I was told. And followed my mistress through the old dungeon and right into where the old cloak room used to be.

I was totally amazed. It was like a Tardis. Equipment left right and centre, low lighting and quiet music. It was unlike any club I have ever been to before. I was really taken aback. Rooms with arched ceilings came of the main corridor. One room a main dungeon, another was a medical room, another had a harness/sling suspension. Everybody was catered for. They even had a massage table!

Instead of black wet slimy floors and Techno, we had Paula walking around with a tray of fresh fruit. Cold grapes and fresh mangos. So refreshing after you've just been spanked senseless.

Club Wicked still has a few minor teething problems to overcome. The main dungeon and bar area were just warm enough, but every other room was a little bit too cold. It didn't deter most pervsters, and it was okay once you had your bum warmed up! It something that they are aware of, and are working on. The only other critisism you could possibly level at the event, was that it was poorly attended. This may be due to the hefty 25 membership fee, or the fact that the club itself is in it's infancy.

On the whole I was very impressed. I was very cynical about the cost of membership and entrance, but it really is worth every penny. Unlike a lot of clubs that charge in the region of 20, you could actually see where the money has, and is being spent. People have at last taken the time to listen to what the pervsters of London really want. You can see the amount of thought and imagination that has gone into it's construction and development.

London now has a dedicated fetish club. Somewhere we can all call home.


(P.S I had my car broken into whilst in the club. If you seen anyone wearing a Gap arctic jacket, talking on a Siemans A50 phone. Please nut them from me!!!!)

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