Tops and Bottoms join up with TribaLand Tattoo

By MistressFox on Wed 2 Jul 2003 at 09:28

Tops and Bottoms Alternative Clothing and Accessories and TribaLand Tattoo and Body Piercing, are pleased to announce that we have joined forces in South London and offer everything you would expect from two businesses with enviable reputations in our chosen fields.

Tops and bottoms is well known among bdsm scene folk but, up to now, you could only buy from us at fetish markets or over the Internet.

The new shop is based in Carshalton (between Croydon and Sutton), and provides a much needed outlet in the area. In addition to a first class body modification service on site, you'll now be able to browse through our carefully chosen range of leather and PVC Clothing and BDSM gear in an open and friendly environment. Custom work can also be undertaken. Single tail whips are a speciality.

More details can be found on the website: and , or by calling us on 020 8644 7660 between 11.00 and 6.00 Tuesday to Saturday.

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