Thank you Tongue Joy for the best week ever!!

By Anonymous on Sat 19 Jul 2003 at 23:54

I've just had the best week ever and really must share this with you guys and girls.

After 3 months of waiting, I finally have my husband back, who works away 3 months on 1 month off for the best part of the year. I wanted to do something really speacial for him on his return. I thought about a uniform or maybe some sexy lingerie but couldnt make up my mind.

I had seen the Tongue Joy on Channel 4's sex tips for girls, I wanted one straight away, my husband was working away until recently and I couldnt go ahead without him, he would have been so disappointed.

For those of you who have never heard of the Tongue Joy. It's a little Oral vibrator made of crome that straps to your tongue. It comes in a little handy pack which includes lots of different textured sleeves and attachments.

So anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I knew he was due home so went straight ahead and bought one which cost around 45

Anyway, My husband came home the following week and we had some serious catching up to do. He was like a little kid when I showed it to him. We rushed straight up stairs, the kids had already been packed off to school and I had him and the best sex toy ever, all to myself for the whole day.

He has always fantasized about getting head from a girl with a pierced tongue, but there's no way I was about to get a rod shoved through my tongue just so he could get off!

So this was perfect!! no pain for me and he gets exactly what he wants. He was making so much noise it was unbelievable, I never heard a man moan so much, I dont no what it was but I only had to lick it and he would jolt back, arching his back like a cat and stretching his toes out whilst yelling 'Don't do that darling, or you'll make me cum in seconds'. Unfortunelty for me he had just let go and exploded after about 3 minutes of sucking and licking.

After he had composed himself from the shock he had just recieved he looked at me and grinned. 'Your Turn he said' I looked back at him and it occured to me that in all my efforts in pleasing him, I'd forgotten what this toy could do for me. I looked back at him and said 'Too bloody right!!'. We'll about half an hour later I was exhauted. I had about 12 of the most mind shattering orgasms ever. My husband lay there trying to muster the the energy to utter something from his mouth only to find he could'nt feel his tongue anymore.

We use it all the time now, we just can't get enough of it and are finding new ways of using it all the time.

I think they have a website that gives you loads of info on it, I bought mine from a online shop called if your interested in getting one, they seemed pretty reasonable and I got free delivery amd I got it in about a week, theres new attachments available for it now I think so If I get them i'll give you another review as soon as I tried them.

Love Jen

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