By skopje on Tue 16 Sep 2003 at 10:50

As far as i know Rock night at the fringe is one of the first London fetish nights. Jo from the LFS put it on. It was pretty good. The main thing is that they got the music right. From Stone Roses to Meatloaf, Mansun, Deep Purple. Really ecclectic good mix. The main DJ was someone called PVC Cat, she did a damn good job.

For the fringe it was quite a good turn out. About 20-25 people. Not quite enough to get people off their feet and dancing, or to kick off into a full scale play party, but it was cool. An interesting bunch of people, quite good to chat to.

There are people out there who whinge and moan about things. And those who just get off their arse and do them. So many people complain about being force-fed Techno and trance at fetish clubs, but then still put up with it. Total respect for Jo for standing up for what he believes in. THE GUITAR IS STILL ALIVE!!!

The evening had quite an interesting conclusion at 3am. Some guy called Preacher doing a fire eating act. That kind of thing looks so shit on the Television, but it was quite fascinating in the flesh. The fringe has a very low ceiling. When he was fire breathing it was filled with flames. You could really feel the heat, the ceiling fan looked like it was going to catch fire. Then came walking on broken glass. Then standing on a chair, and jumping on the glass. Then lying face first on the glass, having a young lady stand on the back of your head. Ouch!!! Then eating the glass. Again on TV no big deal. But when you can hear the glass breaking in someones mouth in front of you, it is a little unsettling.

That was about it. A really good first night of its type in London. Jo should be proud of himself.


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