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By Denny on Mon 27 Oct 2003 at 23:01

For the attention of people who post your event details to this site: There are various rules clearly explained on the page where you type in your event details. I am about to delete all events which are not complying with these simple rules, which are designed to make this site useful for the people who read it. The rules include (but are not limited to):

* do NOT use all caps
* do NOT put the same URL into multiple boxes - only put in a URL if it adds to the amount of information you are giving to someone reading the events page
* do not put the promoter name into the event name, or mix up any of the other information - it's separated this way for a reason!
* do NOT put your full address into the venue box - just the venue name - likewise the town box is for just the town name - people can find your events with this info, and it keeps the page neater. If you want to put the full street address, use the 'description' box.
* likewise, only put prices into the price box - if it gets complicated (free to members, half price for women before 9pm, etc), put the explanations in the description box.

While we really do appreciate people submitting events details, if they're not kept vaguely to the same pattern, then it becomes hard to make sense of the simple listing format we use here. Thankyou in advance for helping us to provide a useful service to the fetish community...

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