Westward Bound moves into new premises

By Denny on Wed 29 Oct 2003 at 20:41

(email from Westward Bound): Westward Bound is moving from the historic Barbican area of Plymouth to the buzzing 'Cultural Corner' now emerging around Plymouth University at Drake Circus. As from Friday 7th November 2003 our shop will be situated at 44 Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8AB. It would help us if you would ensure that post is not sent to our shop but rather to our main administration and mail order office on Tavistock Road.

From Monday 3rd November 2003 please ensure all correspondence is sent to:Westward Bound, 2 Tavistock Road, Plymouth PL4 8AU. All telephone numbers remain unchanged.

To facilitate the move: we will be suspending all enquiries from Monday 3rd November to Friday 7th November 2003. This will not effect performance behind the scenes or lead to any protracted delay with orders. It simply enables us to set-up at the new premises. For the same reason, our shop will be closed from Monday 3rd - Friday 7th November. Last day at existing shop: Saturday 1st November 2003. Opening date for new shop: Friday 7th November 2003.

Visitors to our existing shop will appreciate why we need to move. We have simply outgrown the space and are creaking at the seams. Our new shop is larger and has enabled us to create a light and spacious environment. The emphasis is on style, content and providing a friendly and courteous experience for you our customer and raison d'Ítre.

The new premises is a natural progression and reflection of our growth and success as one of the World's leading fetish companies. Parking facilities exist outside and a multi-story car park is situated within five minutes walk at Drake Circus.

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