Seeking info on rubber/latex glue

By longfella on Fri 21 Nov 2003 at 16:39

I have recently been purchasing rubber / latex clothing for my more proportionately built other half. Most of the clothing is of the thin latex type found in most non-specialist stores. The problem we have is finding stuff small enough. My other half is a size 8 or a very small size 10, often the S-M cut sizes require modification.

Many of the items fit well in most places, but things like shoulder straps on dresses and bikini straps are way too long. Thus leaving the garment somewhat baggy where one would most like to see the tight effect that only latex offers.

Can anyone recommend a glue product we can use so that these garments can be modified and hold up to the vigours of a night out clubbing or a night 'in' :) ... most of the glues we have tried will hold, until movement of an average nature is tried when the glue just seems to peel back.

Any help much appreciated



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