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By Anonymous on Thu 10 Feb 2005 at 21:16

Please read with an inner fire blazing within your heart and a beautiful ballad soaring in the background - as that is how this review was written.

We live in dark and uncertain times full of desperation and devoid of what I would call "real living". As a result each and every person in the world spends every moment of his or her life chasing fulfilment, seeking excitement; but yet always yields to imperfection craving more and remaining unsatisfied. Some people drive fast cars, some people focus their energy on music and the creative arts, some people love fine food or surround themselves with friends. Some people drink, some people dance, some people simply go crazy. Me? Well, my passion is for kinky, expertly delivered creative and imaginative domination which surprises and enthrals me. I need to submit, I need to suffer, I need to be entertained by an erotic encounter. In this way, I firmly shut out the triviality, the boredom and the abject horror that in known as normality.

Until recently, I have found it hard to escape into that world of fantasy. I like the majority, have remained unfulfilled. My personal life makes it hard to even imagine such a world never mind live in it. Over the years I have had a number of experiences with professional dominants, and have been unfulfilled and disappointed by the experiences. I have high expectations and a racing mind that most people simply cannot cope with. I almost ceased trying with a broken heart, and an empty wallet.

Suddenly, unexpectedly I was saved and it took me by surprise. It was Her eyes that drew me in at first, beautiful deep, shining eyes that had me instantly hooked. I quickly skimmed the pages of Her web site, savouring and devouring every word. That person who had saved me from a life devoid of the real pleasures that I longed for was the sublime Mistress Scorpia and She was simply stunning. From her web site, I could tell that she obviously had an inner passion and self-belief, and I found myself slowly falling in love with the complex persona that she presented. She had such warmth of personality that it jumped straight off the page and into my heart. Unusually, she seemed to be around my age. That really excited and intrigued me, as most dominants I have visited were considerably older. In fact, she seemed like the sort of person that I could be a best friend with but yet, so unlike any of my friends, she knew how to punish and berate... wow - she even enjoyed it.

Instantly I knew I had to make contact but I started to question myself. Could I trust what I felt? All I could say is that I believed my heart; I had no other choice. What else could I do? So I eventually summoned up the courage to call Mistress Scorpia a few days later. Please don't under-estimate how hard this was for me! As a shy person, I am much more nervous when arranging and preparing for sessions than when they actually come! I was almost crying when the call was over and I was a nervous wreck! However, the understanding, sensual voice at the other end of the phone encouraged and invigorated me. Mistress Scorpia reassured and encouraged me with her warm, friendly and open manner. She even asked if I had any special requests for our session. Nobody has ever asked me this before, so unprepared for the question I had to decline. But that question alone tells a lot about this wonderful Mistress.

Mistress Scorpia is based in Bristol, a place that is completely unfamiliar to me. Unfortunately I got delayed in Bristol's rush hour traffic on the way to my first session. However, Mistress Scorpia understood and thankfully I eventually managed to arrive, albeit late and a little stressed, hot and bothered for my first hour's session.

My first vision of Mistress Scorpia was like a gift direct from God. She was simply a vision, beautiful, magnificent in stature and so incredibly sexy! Dressed to impress, she had a sparkle about her, and a glint in her eye. She was simply sublime. I was Hers forever.

I nervously managed to survive the pre-session interview and confessed to my new Mistress that I was basically a kinky slut into just about everything and try anything once. My interests are wide and varied and closely match Mistress Scorpia's which include cbt, nipple play, anal play, tease/denial, dressing up, humiliation, predicament
play, private/public scenes, roleplay, erotic/masochistic pain, bondage, fetishes, strange/painful/humiliating orgasms ... and the list goes on and on.

What I like most is to be surprised and controlled. Mistress explained her rules. One of them, I'm sure was designed especially for the likes of me to keep me always on edge and wanting more. I was not permitted to look directly into Mistress Scorpia's eyes unless she explicitly allowed it. Intolerable cruelty! The most extreme torture I was to face that day!

Mistress Scorpia duly complied with my request for a varied session, and led me on a sensational trip exploring all of the senses and deep recesses of my mind. Sweet tension filled the air. I kept having to remind myself "No gazing, know your place" but I didn't stand a chance.

Had the bite of cane and the searing pain of the clamps not assured me otherwise then I would have sworn that I was dreaming whilst floating in the clouds. I was in the most relaxed state I had been in since birth. It was an immense experience full of variety. Mistress explored trampling, golden showers, whipping, nipple play, bondage and lots more in such a short, intense time. Oh, and I can't forget the spiked pinwheel, Mistress' favourite toy, which was used all over my sensitive skin and crotch. What I enjoyed most was the friendly way in which the session was conducted. We could share the sensual tension in the air, share a knowing glance and even a laugh; but Mistress stayed firmly in control at all times.

I have had two subsequent sessions. The second was to be honest not quite as special as the first but that is probably more because there was not so much pent up tension rather than relating to session content. You simply cannot fall in love at first sight more than once! The session none-the-less was brilliant and this time involved cross dressing, bondage and many more surprises. This time I even managed to put in a special request for Mistress to wear sexy sheer stockings (one of my fetishes) and Mistress certainly did not disappoint.

My most recent session has me encased in rubber bondage for some cruel extended nipple torture and CBT. Mistress Scorpia certainly knows how to cause erotic pain and push you to your limits, but in a caring sexually charged environment. I loved every minute serving and suffering repeatedly under this most exquisite of Mistresses.

In summary, Mistress Scorpia is perfect. She has a deep understanding, a warmth of personality. She is skilled in her art, knowledgeable about the scene and professional in her execution. She is articulate, creative and imaginative. She is more than beautiful. I am running out of superlatives so I will leave it for you to visit her site or contact Mistress Scorpia or myself if you want to know more.

I am for want of a better phrase, in love with my Mistress. Mistress Scorpia has given me the fulfilment and excitement that I so desperately craved. She has lightened my world which is too often dark, depressing and mundane. Now that I am in her spell, I only crave for more and I look forward to more sensational sessions soon. I urge you to seek your own fulfilment too. How did I live a moment without her? I close my eyes and I still see her face. The answer is simple, I wasn't really living.

By Ken (uk_kinky_ken@yahoo.co.uk)

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