Gyne fetish

By QuietLord on Tue 19 Jul 2005 at 15:41

This is just a brief plea for comments. Since I 'operate' strictly in a one-to-one situation and have not attended fetish groups/munches and the like for over ten years, I have to say I've lost touch with general trends as regards fetish preferences.

I have always been into gyne examination/manipulation of fem subs - I cannot recall a time when this was not the number one turn-on for me. However, I get the impression of late that fewer and fewer people have this interest. What comes across is that many seem to be into complicated 'ropework', extravagant piercings and 'objectification', amongst other pursuits. I suppose that fashions come and fashions go. Maybe I'm just too old fashioned for words!!

Would anyone care to offer their thoughts? I'd be particularly interested to hear from anyone who shares my gyne interest but feel free to make any comment.

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