Kinkfest 2 - The Best the UK has seen.

By MsDemmie on Sun 31 Jul 2005 at 21:31

Saturday July 30th 2005 saw 1000 plus kinksters celebrating their Kink at the SEOne club in London - and boy did we celebrate. A day of workshops, stage shows, speeches, playing in the playground, stalls,shopping and socialising.

From start to finish, from the queue building up at opening time - to the dungeon heaving with play when we left it was action packed. From the WPC 'Taking a break' from pacing the beat on the purple queening chair at the enterance to our taxi drivers obvious curiosity as to what we had been doing that evening (must have been the black leather !) - Kinkfest rocked.

It was workshop heaven - needles, medical play, breathplay, mummification, wax, strapons to the legal implications of what we do. So many excellent workshops to choose from with a great balance between skills, orientations and abilities.

The playground ( sponsored by us ) was teeming with bondage bunnies, needle sluts, and spanking afficiaonado's all sharing and demonstrating their skills to old and new alike - with the puppies and ponies and 'school children' all catered for in their own areas.

Add into the mix a selection of nearly 30 stalls to drool over - selling everything a kinkster could wish. I nearly succumbed to a rather tasty violet wand - complete with 15 attachments encased in purple velvet .... but I resisted ............ I did however succumb to a very nice black feather and lace headress that will compliment my black velevet and lace skirt and shawl that I have had for many years.

I had great fun with the Tombola - looks like wax play and some peg orientated CBT is in order. Good community area, with information from Kinklusive, Spanner, SFC, and SMDykes - this I think is something that could be developed with maybe each of the major geographical yahoo groups taking an area.

And if none of this worked for you there were stage performances all day , along with tea and coffee and sandwiches and fruit during the day as well as more tadittional drinks from the bar. Kudos to the lovely bar staff who allowed me cups of ice to consume all day.

After the workshops had finished it was time to get some air, grab a bite to eat and stretch the legs ( and have a crafty smoke) - you could have stayed and *munched* - another round of food appeared and there was a chance to sit and chat and relax, while the site was taken down and prepared for the party. We found a very nice french restaurant ( within 5 minutes walk) and tucked into Beef Bourginion and fresh french bread ......... yummmmmmmm . After a couple of quick phone calls home we returned to the fray for the party.

Two choices of kit - Roissy Workshops, with which I am very familiar in two rooms, and one room filled by Infernal Mechanix ......... all very popular, all gettting well used, and everyone having fun. We left party in full swing, big smiles on all faces.

On a personal note - I had a fantastic day, in great company - thank you Ali. It gave me a chance to meet people I have never met before, catch up with people I havent seen for years and chat with old and valued friends. It gave me a chance to see *community* working , coming together for comon gain. It gave me great optimism to see the diverse elements of our very broad community working together so well.

A note of thanks to all the organisers, supporters, traders and volunteers who made it possible. A special note of thanks to the lady who put it all together , who refused to listen to those that said it couldnt be done - Fuschia - you really are a star.

Kinfest advertised itself as 'A day of celebration and enjoyment with stalls, workshops, demos. stage presentations and more, followed by a great after party '

Kinkfest delivered.

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