Princess Spider Book Launch

By Anonymous on Mon 20 Feb 2006 at 08:17

I was in the basement awaiting the arrival of Princess Spider, my rear end was still marked from my last encounter a few weeks previously .I can still hear that cane swishing through the air before it struck my skin. There was a sense of anticipation and excitement in the atmosphere as the moment approached. I could here the whip being cracked as she came down the stairs and the cameras started to flash...........

No I was not alone, in fact about a hundred people were with me in the basement of Borders Book Store on the evening of Monday 13th February 2006 in Oxford. It apparently was their biggest attendance for a book signing they have ever had. People of all ages and backgrounds were there from groups of girl college students to more mature adults. The event had been covered by the Oxford Mail ( ) and on the Radio at Oxford FM there was a quiz during the week with readings of the book under the heading of Story time with Princess Spider . Interviews have also been broadcast on BBC radios Merseyside, Nottingham, Northants and Lancashire

Princess Spider, accompanied by Slave Rooster, was here to talk about her new Book "Princess Spider, True experiences of a Dominatrix" The talk gave a good insight into her life and experiences as documented in the book. She had the audience's attention the whole time; well no one would dare interrupt with the whip sitting on the table. Demonstrations were given on how to crack the whip, people in the front row experienced how the pinwheel worked. Slave Rooster also added a few tales of his experiences with Princess Spider.

There was a chance for members of the audience to ask questions, which Princess Spider was able to answer with great knowledge and ease. The main bulk of the questions came from the many women that were there, obviously budding Doms.
Afterwards there was a long queue to the desk of people waiting to have their copy of the book personally signed as a memento of such a great evening.

I have read the book from cover to cover and I truly recommend it. I do not normally read books but I found this one hard to put down. Most leading book stores (even Tesco's on line) are distributing the book.

If you want to buy a copy and get it signed, Princess Spider is doing another public appearance at Borders Bookshop, this time in London's Oxford Street on the 30th March this year (7pm) do not miss it.
There will be an interview on Capital Gold Radio, on 29th March at 10.30pm.


Slave M.

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