Club Rub (London) - April 2006

By piercedlondon on Mon 24 Apr 2006 at 16:56

I hadn't been for a while to Club Rub due to the ‘real world' taking precedence. Previously that night I had a dull evening out with friends in SW London and realised I needed a fetish top up of fun and frolics.

Pulled the old ‘I'm on anti-biotics trick and therefore couldn't drink' line and decided that I should head home. Home by 12 - and into my trusted chariot towards The City. Strange driving through London pre Marathon with police crawling everywhere with leatherette trousers on and looking decidedly George Michaelish. Explain that one ;-> Arrived late toute seul and felt an enourmous relief - no more conversations about kids or mortgages but some liberal minded fetish peeps like meself. The theme was 'Cowboys and Indians'.

The thing about Rub that I like as opposed to ‘other' clubs is that everyone is friendly and the w*nker per head of population count is very low- virtually non existent. Had a great night and did laugh at the guy who came as ‘The Wrong Indian' and looked like he had appeared from a lamp/Indian restaurant. Very clever. Bumped into a few people I hadn't seen for years just by chance and also into people that I had met once before back in November.

Club Rub is fun and a real antidote to the mightier than though crowd that unfortunately frequent many of the clubs. Tiresome and annoying. I think Rub is the easiest place to go as a single male if you want to try fetish clubbing for the first time as people do make an effort with you as it can be very daunting and frustrating if you know no-one.

Rub is not for the hard core BDSM enthusiast but that is what I like and others do too. It doesn't take itself too seriously and it is makes a very refreshing change. Give it a shot if you seek a combination of kink and fun in a friendly safe atmosphere.

Had a great night - just what I needed and well worth the effort.

pierced X

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