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By ctrl-alt-date on Tue 5 Jun 2007 at 18:05

Right now there are several online dating sites to choose from, both specific to the UK and world-wide in scope. I've long believed that the majority of these sites were lacking in some way or other, so for the past few months I've been creating my own.

There are probably in excess of twenty fetish-friendly dating sites which are reasonably popular and well known. The biggest of these, in terms of membership size, would probably be Alt.com and Bondage.com. Both of these sites are pretty limiting if you're not prepared to pay for access - to the extent that you can't even view user-profiles or send messages to other users unless you pay money!

Dissatisfied with the various sites I've tested I've spent the past few months building up my own site, with several features and goals not found elsewhere:

The ability for users to protect their privacy easily.

The majority of the sites I've seen don't allow you to hide your profile, which I'd think is a basic option. If you're a lesbian then there is absolutely no reason why you'd want your details to be visible to men!

The ability to tag and search for users, as other modern sites offer.

There have been many fads in website development, but the ability to tag things with arbitrary labels is very popular and very powerful.

Why fill out a huge checklist of fetish interests when you can add tags to yourself?

Usable without paying money

The ability to view profiles, send messages, comment upon profiles and pictures for free is something that I've felt was missing from a lot of sites. Not this one!

The site has been in closed testing for a couple of weeks and it is now ready for new members. If you'd like to try something new then try this site:

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