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By fabswingers on Thu 26 Jul 2007 at 23:25

There's quite a lot of cross-over between the swingers community and the fetish community, from personal experience we've frequently pulled at fetish clubs! Personally, neither me nor my partner are that keen on the term 'swingers' at all and we'd normally talk about 'playing' instead however it's the word that everyone uses so that's why we called our website Fab Swingers.

The idea behind Fab Swingers is that it is a free site in both meanings of the word. First off, it is free as in free of charge. But more importantly it is free in the sense that members of the site are free to express themselves. We allow people to 1) include their email addresses/instant messenger ids on their profiles, 2) link to home pages on other sites, 3) mention other swingers sites or swingers events. There is no other swingers site which allows their members these basic freedoms.

Fab Swingers is now the largest free of charge swingers site in the UK measured by number of members (Melanie's UK Swingers is number 2 and SwingFans is number 3) but we are still way behind the large pay sites. However it's only being going for 9 months so we really hope that we will overtake more of the pay sites in the coming years. Nearly all of our traffic growth is coming from personal recommendations.

The cost of running of the site is quite high, we are increasing traffic by about 10 million hits every month which uses a lot of expensive bandwidth and server capacity. So to fund this we have taken some advertising onto the site but we hope it isn't too obtrusive and there aren't any pop-ups. We simply could not afford to pay the thousands of pounds the site costs to operate in any other way.

We'd love to have more fetish members of the site, you can get us at http://www.fabswingers.com.

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