Hypnosis Fetish Party with Master Xander

By Master Xander on Thu 16 Oct 2008 at 15:16

Though I mostly work with individuals, couples and organised groups, I am considering putting together a Hypnosis Fetish Party night, most probably in or around London, perhaps near to one of the main airports for easy access for all.

For those who are not familiar with 'hypnofetish', suffice it to say if you can think of it, it can be experienced (and as intense as you can imagine). It is particularly of interest to people who interested in (or are) bdsm, submissive, wishing to remove inhibitions or just plain looking for something new.

It is not essential that all taking part as in hypnosis, but it would certainly be great to hear from people who have done deep hypnosis before, as in erotic hypnosis, or have successfully taken part in a stage hypnosis event.

It does not have to be London exclusively, just seemed the most obvious locations. I can tell you know the event wont be free given costs involved etc. and once I have a broad idea of how many would attend, then I can work something out, and figure how best to go about it.

For those intersted who would be a good idea to tell me if you would prefer this before or after the new year. Of course if you are interested in sexual hypnosis, but would prefer something a little more private, then do let me know.

Contact details are on the website, of course it is a serious website, there are no 'graphic images' etc it is just to get straight to the point, and those taking part must be over 18.


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