By Denny on Sun 8 Mar 2009 at 13:05

With TG downgrading their music policy from 'hard house and techno' to 'electro and sleazy beats' this year, I've been looking for some other clubs to go to. Much as TG has a lot to offer, it doesn't quite hang together for me without that driving dancefloor in the middle of it all - NYE was particularly disappointing in that respect. So, this weekend I took a trip back to a club that's relatively local to me - Subversion - and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it's got.

I've been to a few Subversions, and in the past it's tended to be a bit slow on the dancefloor, and a bit thinly populated. This time neither of these were true. When I got there, the DJ was a guest over here from one of Rome's fetish clubs. He was playing some stomping music, and being rewarded with a crowded and enthusiastic dancefloor. And the dancefloor wasn't the only part of the club that was filling up... everything from the large upstairs play area, to both bars, to the many seating areas, seemed to be full of people.

The playroom also seemed to have a continuous turnover of scenes going on, with nobody using any of the dungeon equipment as a seat - something else TG could look to learn from, judging by the last few times I've tried to find somewhere to play there. Anyone sitting on the equipment at Subversion gets politely moved on - that's not what it's for.

The crowd at Subversion, while no doubt not up to TG's recent pronouncements on the subject of 'making enough effort', were looking very good to me - some great outfits, and some really good-looking people in (and out) of them. There seemed to be quite a lot of chat between different groups of people too - a friendly atmosphere overall.

As I said, while I go to clubs for a numbers of reasons - dancing, playing, seeing friends and meeting new people - without that banging dancefloor to provide the pace for the evening, the rest of it will fail to hold my attention. This weekend, Subversion caught my attention - I'll be going back again soon.

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