Secret Selection of Mistresses

By dsgsu on Wed 20 Jan 2010 at 03:46

I am what you would call a connoisseur of domination, mistresses and fetish. It was just recently, my friends and I decided to start an elite collection of our favourite dominatrices, and compile them all up together in to a directory (we called it dominatrices). I realise building a site from scratch is a long shot, with all of the competition out there already all over the the Internet, but this directory will have somewhat of a twist to it. And it works like this: first of all, they (the mistresses) request a listing, then (the fun bit) we actually test them out; but the testing is done under cover and in complete secrecy. My foreign friends are going to be visiting those mistresses who are outside the UK. My friends are also well in to the same kinky fetish stuff as myself, and they've already agreed, and said for sure, that they are more than willing to travel to the locations I send them to. It's a bit like the mystery shoppers you get creeping around supermarkets. However, if any mistresses happen to be charlatans, hucksters or low quality rubbish, her link will be promptly removed. The only ones whose listings will remain are going to be the best, top quality dominatrixes.

This is a fairly new directory, but please keep track of it and watch it slowly grow (hopefully in to something big). I have to work during the week, but I'll be visiting the mistresses on my weekends and time off, because that is what I really enjoy. It's my favourite pastime in the world!

Please give me your support in building a high quality, human edited, directory of professional mistresses with a difference!

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