Here it is, The Torture Garden Rubber Ball SpecialNews

Torture Garden has sold out the last 4 years on this weekend so we have moved the event to Canvas, which is was the venue where we held TG14 in 2004. We have pulled out all the stops to give you an event that will really kick start this weekend. Expect to be taken prisoner by the visual onslaught of visuals, performance and spectacle as we take you into the soul of the club the is at the heart of the UK fetish scene. This will be on a much larger scale than our regular events and will have an est attendance of 1500.

We will have two cloakrooms open, and after lessons learnt from our birthday party in 2004 at this venue we will make them more efficient.

Bringing you a truely international line up of shows from all over the globe.

Friday 7th Oct 2005

Exclusively co-promoted in association with:
Araki - Self * Life * Death - Exhibition @ The Barbican

The London Tattoo Convention



Club Arena


* Suka Off - Clone Factory (Poland)
returning after their debut performance at TG birthday party. Amazing performance art from Poland. Here they will premier New Performance Art show featuring guest performer Kumi Monster (US)

* Rubberella (US) - Latex Enclosure Performance

* Allen Faulkner - Traumatic Stress Discipline (US) Extreme Body Suspension - performed several times in the past 5 years, always making the crowd gasp

Fashion Performances:

* Torture Garden Clothing (UK)
* Pretty Pervy (UK)
* Starfire (Berlin)
Including a full line up of the worlds top Fetish Models

Flaming Fun Walkabout and Fire

Pole Dancers & Go Go Fuckers

Nuroptics - Video Mixing

DJs: Allen TG, Sam Townend (Shroom Records), Jimmy Mofo (Mofo Mag), Stefan
Mix: Funky Hard House, Nu Skool Breaks & Electro Dance

Eclectic Ballroom


* Emily Marilyn (US) Twisted Fetish Performance

* Empress Stah + Valaria Dragova
Premier new Performance double act featuring 2 stars of the London scene

* Paloma - Surreal Cabaret Performance

* Psycho Clowns - Walkabout Terrorism

DJs: David TG, OAP (Kashpoint), Sukeban (Rudegirlz / Lady Luck), Jimmy No Shame
Mash-up: Vegas Beats, Neo Swing, Trash, Disco Punk, Electro Clash, Booty

Performance Dungeon Arena

SM, Fetish & Bondage Installations + Dungeon Space

* Midori (US) + Kumi Monster (US)
Japanese Rope Bondage Performance

* Empress Victoria [url] [/url](Hong Kong) - Medical/Needle Play

* Satomi (France/Tokyo) - Erotic Rope Play

* Kazuya (Japan) and the awesome Master Darcy - SM and Electric Play

* Slinky Skin Full Enclosure Rubber Installation

Atmospheric, Ritual & Experimental Soundscapes

Dungeon Playrooms

Infernal Mechanix Fully Equipped Dungeon

Erotic Chill Out music

Couples Dungeon

A dedicated play area for couples and their play mates

Multi-Screen Fetish Fashion Art Porn TG Visuals Throughout

Freight Way, Off York Way, Kings Cross London NW1

10pm - 6am

Advance Tickets: 23 / On Door: 28
C/C + 44 (0) 8704583719
Info: + 44 (0) 20 7613 4733

Dress Up & Explore Your Imagination
Fantasy * Fetish * Body Art * Drag * Burlesque * Medical * Uniform * Oriental * Cyber * Cabaret * etc
No Casual Street Clothes / Cotton T-Shirts!

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