The SubstationRequest

Hi everyone. We used to run a website and traded under the name The Substation about 6 years ago. Due to changes in circumstances we stopped trading, and have lost touch with everyone. I am hoping there may be some people who remember us and possibly want to contact us as we are selling off all our stock at very good prices. Please contact us if you are interested

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Domains for

As people have probably noticed, I've not been keeping this site up to date lately - largely because I'm not doing much fetish clubbing any more. I've decided that it might be time to sell the domain names to someone who will make better use of them. If you're interested in buying, and, please email me: denny at uk fetish dot info - include some info about what you'd be using the domains for and how much you'd be willing to pay. I'm more likely to sell to an interesting project than to the highest bidder.

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Secret Selection of MistressesReview

I am what you would call a connoisseur of domination, mistresses and fetish. It was just recently, my friends and I decided to start an elite collection of our favourite dominatrices, and compile them all up together in to a directory (we called it dominatrices). I realise building a site from scratch is a long shot, with all of the competition out there already all over the the Internet, but this directory will have somewhat of a twist to it. And it works like this: first of all, they (the mistresses) request a listing, then (the fun bit) we actually test them out; but the testing is done under cover and in complete secrecy. My foreign friends are going to be visiting those mistresses who are outside the UK. My friends are also well in to the same kinky fetish stuff as myself, and they've already agreed, and said for sure, that they are more than willing to travel to the locations I send them to. It's a bit like the mystery shoppers you get creeping around supermarkets. However, if any mistresses happen to be charlatans, hucksters or low quality rubbish, her link will be promptly removed. The only ones whose listings will remain are going to be the best, top quality dominatrixes.

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Selling fet itemsRequest

I have decided that at the ripe old age of 60 its time to put some of the more vigorous aspects of BDSM to rest. Therefore I have some items which I no longer need but are much too good to dispose of. Does anyone know of anywhere I could sell them? (too raunchy for ebay!) Any advice gratefully received.

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Fetish friendly photo manipulating and restorationNews

We have been restoring all types of photographs for the last 4 years and due to the many requests we have asking if we can do adult themed photos we have decide to start a new website called Pals Digital Transformation solely for the adult themed photograph

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Fetish photos - willing participantsRequest

My girlfriend and I would love to take part in fetish photography. We're based in South England. If you are, or know of, a fetish photographer in this area or near London, looking for male and/or female models then please do let us know.

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Lesbian Erotica Prints by a Woman Who Knows FetishNews - home to many of the world's leading fetish artists - has expanded its range of fine art lesbian prints, with a collection of work from US-born photographer, Phyllis Christopher. The selection, initially of 39 prints, is from Christopher's acclaimed series documenting the 90's San Francisco lesbian scene; including more than a casual nod to bdsm and fetish fantasy.

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SubversionReview: Event

With TG downgrading their music policy from 'hard house and techno' to 'electro and sleazy beats' this year, I've been looking for some other clubs to go to. Much as TG has a lot to offer, it doesn't quite hang together for me without that driving dancefloor in the middle of it all - NYE was particularly disappointing in that respect. So, this weekend I took a trip back to a club that's relatively local to me - Subversion - and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it's got.

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Protest against the Extreme Porn lawNews

The Consenting Adult Action Network have organised a protest on the eve of the 'extreme' porn ban commencing.

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Hypnosis Fetish Party with Master XanderNews

Though I mostly work with individuals, couples and organised groups, I am considering putting together a Hypnosis Fetish Party night, most probably in or around London, perhaps near to one of the main airports for easy access for all.

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