London Munch

By Anonymous on Sat 8 Mar 2003 at 15:01

As you may know The London Munch (formerly London Communities Munch) is now being run by a formally elected committee. To clear up any confusion here are the full details of the event.

The Venue is the same as before The Princess Louise, in Holborn. Do check the situation with the Central Line before travelling or you may end up as late as I was last time, and we'd hate you to miss the fun. The Date is Friday the 21st, from 7pm until 'Chucking Out Time'.

While I am here let me clarify one other point. There is now, never has been, and as long as the current committee stands there will not be any entrance fee to attend the London Munch. However, do bring some extra pocket money because there will be a raffle, with prizes donated by other munchers including members of the London Communities Co-op. We will also have a full 'Meet and Greet' team.

For newbies and other lost souls we will, as before, operate a 'companion guide' policy to meet you at a convenient location outside the venue. So come along, bring a friend or two and enjoy a relaxed and friendly evening. If you need more information or have other questions please email

For and on behalf of the London Munch Committee
Teeth_O_The_Dragon (Secretary)

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