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As you may know The London Munch (formerly London Communities Munch) is now being run by a formally elected committee. To clear up any confusion here are the full details of the event.

The Venue is the same as before The Princess Louise, in Holborn. Do check the situation with the Central Line before travelling or you may end up as late as I was last time, and we'd hate you to miss the fun. The Date is Friday the 21st, from 7pm until 'Chucking Out Time'.

While I am here let me clarify one other point. There is now, never has been, and as long as the current committee stands there will not be any entrance fee to attend the London Munch. However, do bring some extra pocket money because there will be a raffle, with prizes donated by other munchers including members of the London Communities Co-op. We will also have a full 'Meet and Greet' team.

For newbies and other lost souls we will, as before, operate a 'companion guide' policy to meet you at a convenient location outside the venue. So come along, bring a friend or two and enjoy a relaxed and friendly evening. If you need more information or have other questions please email

For and on behalf of the London Munch Committee
Teeth_O_The_Dragon (Secretary)

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Re: London Munch#1

Dare I comment with why the simple munch is operated by committee? Surely this is merely a drink and chat in a pub?

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Re: Re: London Munch#2

I gave up going to cliquey little pub lunches
with the Intervarsity Club sometime around
1977 if its of any interest.
I do not like Munches because the sort of
Munchy folks that go to Munches are all the same.
They all get together and any newcomers are usually
left out in the cold sooner or later .

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Re: Re: Re: London Munch#3

I disagree. I've actually found munches a lot more friendly than clubs. You have some group organiser or host who introduces you to everyone and the it's up to you.

I think the previous London munch was harder to meet people because it was so big. It tended to subdivide into little groups. But that's not a bad thing thats just the way of things. It's not clique. It's just people being really glad to see their freinds. It takes a little while to break into a bigger munch because of that, it just takes a little time


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Re: Re: Re: London Munch#5

Darky Forces (aka: Bouncing Bowly, as you are better known by the LFS readers????? heheh)
Well, you complain about the clubbs too, so.....nothing new here LOL.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: London Munch#6

LOL I posted the reply twice and forgot to say what I really wanted to say, well after all, I m on druggs (they are prescribed,post major surgery as most of you know but at least give some ground to the lot who gossip hehehhe)
I dont agree. I think that london munches runned by ^mythy^ and MRK gave a huge space to newbies (I was one of them there)
Lets see what the new comitee does, but having inherited the munches from ^mythy^ and MRK, I doubt it ll be any different.
The meet and greet system works well, and the name tags are one thing that makes u go to others (well thats if u are on irc) but I dont think London munches have been cliquey.
Certain groups of people are, but that is nothung to do with the munch organising, that s just a fact of life.
But as Skopje says, it ll take a lot more courage for a newbie to talk to strangers in a club( I am a very out and not at all shy gerl but I couldnt plunge the courage to talk to anyone at TG first time I went.....)
any way bb (or darky forces wotever u wanna call urself)
lets keep u dreaming about uniforms and stuff hehehe till is time for ur medication ;)JBW aka MissTreatment

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Re: Re: Re: London Munch#7

formally elected

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Re: Re: Re: Re: London Munch#8

Hello newbies

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Re: Re: Re: London Munch#9

Election is coming

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