Bad experience with online shop

By Ben_shaped_canvas on Sat 7 Jun 2003 at 20:13

At the beginning of the year I made an order online with Feline Foreplay ( using my debit card. My bank account was debited and I received an automated receipt, which told me my goods had been sent a couple of days later. My goods never came. I tried to phone the number given on the website for telephone orders, only to discover it was not in use. Feline Foreplay did not reply to email or a letter from myself asking them to contact me about my order. Trading Standards were able to find a telephone number for the owner of the company, but she refused to discuss the matter with them or allow them to pass on her telephone number to me. She also apparently refused to discuss it with my bank's fraud department, who eventually took the money I had paid back out of her account and returned it to me.

On the basis of that experience, I can only advise against ordering goods from this company.

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