I hate clubs!

By Anonymous on Mon 12 Jul 2004 at 18:43

I have little faith in meeting a good partner on the internet but absolutely detest every fetish club I have been to! To qualify that, the bad elements massively out weigh the good for me. I am not an exhibitionist, in fact, I'm shy. The last thing I want when I meet someone who attracts me and may be interested in me, is to be scoped out by the many voyeuristic types. It is why many seem to be there and good luck to them - but providing them with wanking material makes my skin crawl.

I would probably be able to withstand this constant leering if I had trustworthy friends within the scene but sadly, so many people on the scene are in couples and let's face it, seeing people who they could never hope to compare with in the nilla world struggling to click with someone brings out the smugness in most of these.

So far I haven't found anywhere to go which has an unforced relaxed atmosphere. Everyone's pissed or coked up in clubs and besides the unappealing voyeurism, drunk people trip over ya! It's boring and dispiriting and the usual response to a posting like this is: go get loads more money -- and buy or rent the people I want to be with!

I am an artist (the skint variety!) and anyway, object to prostitution for myriad personal reasons. And what kind of experience holds value, which has commerce as its basis?

There is a cottage industry based on fleecing single males. OK, fine, its their money - if they want to patronise these gaffs, who hurts? But who puts anything back? Pay a mint to hang out in silly costumes I hate, with a fixed grin my only defence against the shallow scene-goers? Noooo, I don't think so...

So, if you have been around longer than me and have the knowledge to help me retain my sanity, please let me know WHAT SHALL I DO?!

End of rant, thanks for reading ;)

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