Iīll give free access to my 4 new bondage pay siteRequest

... in return for some photoshop help..

First, I hope nobody takes offense because I post this. Iīm NOT trying to sell anything - just looking for a few photoshop users who like bondage and though that this was the place for it.

Hereīs the deal... or you can just go here for full details



Then please read on.....

Hereīs the details:

We have launced our 4 new bondage pay-sites and they will soon be available for webmasters to advertise in return for 50% of all sales generated by the webmaster.

We need banners for each of our sites. Our webmasters will be using the banners to advertise the sites. We could make these banners ourselves or we could pay an adult designer to do it for us. Both approaches are available for us to use.

However, we feel that most adult designers (including ourselves) are to 'set in their usual way' and that most banners we make and banners purchased from designers are to alike. Itīs often the same template that is being used and thereīs no innovation, most banners end up looking like something you have seen a million times before all over the net.

Thatīs why we are looking for people with ideas and skills. I recently saw a big torrent-site in need of new banners and they asked their surfers to make some banners. I saw the results posted on the torrent-sites and was very impressed with most of the work.

We have decided to try that approach, not to save money or time, but to get good looking and 'fresh banners' for our sites. You donīt have to be a 'wizard' to make these banners, we just need you to make decent banners, often the fresh look of someone who never made a banner for a porn site will have more value than clever PhotoShop tricks.

This is what you need to do in order to get free access:

If you can use PhotoShop (any version) and have less than an hour to spare, we would like to make a little as 5 banners for us. For each 5 banners you will get free access for 30 days to one of our new pay-sites.

We will provide content you can use for these banners and when you are done, you will get access to the paysite or paysites you like (10 banner = access to 2 sites etc. etc.)

We need you to mail us the original .psd files (photoshop format) and if you use any fonts not commonly used, please include them. When we recieve them you will get your username and password for the paysite(s) you want to enter.

If you are a bittorrent user, you can torrent the files and mail us the torrent instead.

You can make banners for one of our sites and get access to another, if thatīs what you want.

The Full Details and links to the sites and content-packages are here: http://www.bondagemoney.com

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