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UK Fetish Community

London Fetish Scene
Very well put together site aimed mainly at the fetish scene in London. Lots of content, and kept well up to date.

An informative site with plenty of content on all aspects of the UK fetish scene, this site won the 2000 Erotic Oscars award for websites. The reviews seem a little out of date, but the site is still well worth a look. guide to London fetish shopping
A guide to fetish shopping in London, on the fetish site.

Mr Blowup
Extensive personal site of a man with a fetish for inflatable rubberwear.

Chastity UK
A free site for consenting adults wishing to discover and share the joys of Chastity.

A bodyart related newsgroup, aimed specifically at the UK community

UK Fetish Commercial

UK photographer who has some very nice fetish oriented work in his portfolio, and is from the UK fetish/BDSM scene himself.

AegeanSoft Web Publishing
Website design and maintenance for the fetish community from the web design company responsible for,, and, amongst others.

Black Sheep Design
Custom website design and related services for fetish businesses.

Discreet Deliveries Adult Directory
Links to fetish/BDSM and other resources hosted by an online adult toys/clothes shop.
Web design and hosting for the fetish world - these people seem to make neat and tidy sites that look good and work well - worth checking out.

Members club for "discerning fetish couples"

Skin Two Online
Glossy commercial site run by the same people who bring you Skin Two magazine - lots of content, but most of it is only available to people who've paid a membership fee.

The Grand Corset Ball
An evening of dance and dining in Grand surroundings for all fans and lovers of corsets.

The Great Nippulini
Performance artist specialising in suspending heavy things from his nipples.

Whats Yours?
An online publication and listings service, aimed as a bridge for newcomers into the scene. Erotic Oscars 2001 Website of the Year.

UK Fetish Shops

Westward Bound
The website of the rubberwear shop - extensive online catalogue, online ordering available, or print out the directions and go the the shop itself.

Banana Shoes
"High Heels and Sexy Shoes" - including some very high platformed high-heels. Nice!

Hayway Shoes
An online shoe store based in the UK - "The largest range of footwear for TV / TS & Glam"

London Fetish Fair
Renowned fetish and BDSM market in London.

Marcus Electric Jewellery
Spiky rubber gothic/cyber jewellery - pretty unique looking stuff at reasonable prices.

Seriously fetish shoes, including those see-through stilettos you see quite often on super-models and fetish clubbers!

Amy's Attic
BDSM & fetish products, clothing in PVC, latex & leather, hoods & masks, electro sex kits & toys, and lots more.

Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar
Well known fetish and BDSM market in Birmingham, with demoes and other features.

Bristol Fetish Emporium
New fetish and BDSM market in Bristol.

Defy The Norm
Some very innovative outfits here - I first ran across it when looking for body armour stuff, but the whole site is worth a look.

Ethos PVC
Fetish/goth/punk clothing and BDSM accessories - with online ordering, or a shop based in Northampton.

Everything Erotic
Online store with a selection of rubber and PVC items. Rubber seems very cheap, PVC quite expensive.

Camden Town (London) rubberwear shop.

Fantasy Bodywear
Online store selling exotic/erotic clothes.

A couple's website with hand-selected fetish items for sale.

Fetishwear UK
Fetish Clothing, Fantasy Outfits And PVC wear for men and women.

Freak Clubwear
Fetish wear and accessories, including some unusual rubberwear items.

House of Harlot
Famous corsetry (etc) shop in London's Holloway Road.

Jayne Winters
Website selling adult toys and fetish clothing - similar to another retail outfit with a seasonal surname, but with a mission to be the cheapest in the UK for anything they sell.

Fetish and fantasy shop in the centre of Glasgow.

Keep It Kinky
Sell a few latex items plus a range of PVC clothing - including some they are the only UK distributor for.

Maid 4 Pleazure
Erotic Uniforms, Fetish Wear and Club Wear for All Genders

Sensual Steps Shoes
An online retailer of high heel and platform shoes - up to 8 inch heels.

Sexy Passions
Romantic, Sexy & Erotic Lingerie; Latex, Leather and PVC; Fetish High Heel Shoes and Boots.

Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium
An adult shop intended first and foremost for women - although men are welcome when accompanying a woman.

Shockwaves MK
A fetish clothing shop in the Milton Keynes area, allied with a tattoo and body piercing studio.

The Fetish Store
UK based website selling a range of fetish clothing, sex toys and adult videos/DVDs.

UK Fantasy Zone
A little bit of everything for sale here, although most prices are high (especially once you notice they don't include VAT!)

Alternative clothing and accessories website with a wide range of high heels and fetish clothing.

XXX Fetish Clothing
Online fetish clothing and accessories shop.

UK Fetish Clubs

Torture Garden
Probably the best known UK fetish club. London based events more or less monthly.

A club between Coventry and Birmingham which is host to various fetish and BDSM events including Rapture.

Tight Laced
Cheap and extremely good event running more or less monthly in the Cambridge area.

Arousal UK
Swingers club in Dunstable, hosts various events.

Club Domina
SubDom/Fetish/Swingers night, every Sunday in North London

Club R.U.B.
A London fetish club that gets good reviews and recommendations from the people who go there.

New club in the Birmingham area - excellent venue with lots of potential, and brilliant dancefloor.

Fet Noir
Fetish and BDSM events in Weston Super Mare.

Gay (male or female) fetish club in London - well known for excellent music and rampant behaviour!

The rubber club exclusively for men. London based.

Spikes Fetish Party
New club in the Bristol area.

The Clink
Adult/Fetish club in South Wales. Used to be 'The Church' in Bristol.

The Desyre Foundation
Organisers of Republique, as well as some more private parties with strict entry requirements.

The Fringe
Popular BDSM club in London run by a scene couple.

Violate is a fetish/BDSM organisation in Scotland running clubs and parties in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

UK BDSM Community

Informed Consent
Almost certainly the best and most comprehensive BDSM site in the UK (and probably elsewhere). Excellent events listings and much more.

BDSM Human Rights
Information about BDSM and Human Rights, with particular reference to the Human Rights Act.

Moonkissed Personals
Personal ads, safety information, resources and events information.

Ms Demmie's
Sections on safety, communication , household toys, and odd-ball humour.

SM Pride
The UK campaigning organisation for informed and consenting adult sadomasochists.

Xena's Thoughts
Articles and information, poetry and humour, all kinds of BDSM related material and resources.

The homepage for an interesting (BDSM biased) IRC channel on - lots of friendly people to talk to, especially around 8pm.

Home of the BDSM_Manchester_UK Community and BDSM2UK Community Project.

Bound Together
Organisation aimed at fostering a sense of community for people interested in power exchange (or new to D/s, B&D, S&M) in the Midlands, UK.

Bristol Dungeon
Contacts site with various extras. Requires 20 membership fee.

British BDSM
Homepage of the British_BDSM mailing list, with lots of useful information.

Build Your Own BDSM Hardware
Detailed instructions (with difficulty ratings!) on how to build your own toys for BDSM games.

Leeds Munch
Homepage of the Leeds munch, with dates and directions.

SM Bisexuals
A UK-based group targeted at, but not exclusively for, bisexuals into all aspects of BDSM.

A UK alternative writing group exploring the poetry of surrender.

The Leather Rose Society
A group which aims to provide information, education, support and friendship to all consenting adults of all sexualities within the BDSM community.

The Sensual Spanker
Personal site of a UK man who believes spanking should be a sensual part of foreplay - with his thoughts and stories about sensual spanking.

Actually a newsgroup rather than a website, with lots of useful discussion (and the usual pointless flame wars!) - worth a look if you have usenet access.

UK BDSM Commercial

Cobra Whips
Handcrafted whips, including custom made items, from Alex Jacob.

Roissy Workshops
Roissy make a wide range of dungeon equipment, supplying several of the better known clubs in the UK with their products. They also do equipment hire and organise events.

The Edge
Home on the web of The Edge Dungeon and Playroom, the South West UK's premier Roissy Workshops built dungeon. Winner of the 2001 Erotic Oscar for Innovation.

BDSM Swap Shop
Classified ads for the kinky... swap or sell second-hand BDSM toys/clothing/etc.

Dark Sensations
A UK-based site which sells restraints and bondage equipment.

Sensual Sting
Sensual Sting Thud & Associates - adult novelties, toys and jewellery.

Abbey Leather
Website selling leather cuffs, masks, etc.

Alba Leather
"Purveyors of Ready Made and Bespoke Leather Goods and Equipment To The Discerning BDSM Practitioner"

Beds 4 Sex
A specialist Iron Bed manufacturers based in Nottingham which produces beds designed for BDSM and fun...

BDSM essentials for both novice and more experienced users.

Dark Side of the Moon
Alternative introductions agency. Expensive, but offering a high level of personal service in matching you up with other members.

Dungeon Hire
Northamptonshire dungeon to hire, for private sessions or suitable for pro-domme. Close to Rugby and M1.

Erotic Book Store
Online store for erotic books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Fettered Pleasures
Bondage equipment shop in London's Holloway Road.

Hair Whips
Real human hair whips and natural horse hair whips

BDSM and fetish clothing and accessories

Purple Rose
Dungeon for hire (with accomodation) in the West Midlands area.

The Knot
Dungeon for hire near A1/A14 junction (Cambs/Beds border). Room for up to 9 couples to play, as well as 'chill-out' facilities for up to 50 people.

Top to Bottom Leathers
What looks like some very well made leather restraints, corsetry, gags, blindfolds, and various other bondage items, at good prices.

Tops and Bottoms
UK shop selling fetishwear, gothic and bdsm clothing; whips and floggers; unusual sensation toys and some distinctive bondage equipment and collars. Phone, mail order, or buy online using nochex.

Very Alternative Furniture
Hand-made quality furniture, made to your individual requirements.

UK Sexual Information

Sexual Freedom Coalition
"Promoting reform of Britain's silly old sex laws" - a must-view site for UK fetish fans.

The Sensual Magazine
"For anyone who wants to know more about sex and sensuality, to enhance their life and the way they live."

UK Adult Guide
A fairly comprehensive listing of all sorts of adult interest items, from clubs to shops to websites to anything else that the keen husband and wife webmaster team manage to find.

Related Issues

Adult Sites Against Child Pornography

Campaign Against Censorship of the Internet in Britain
The title pretty much says it all - go and read the news items and see just how much our government wants to control what we see, say, think and do.

Electronic Frontier Foundation - Blue Ribbon Campaign
Homepage of the EFF's Blue Ribbon campaign - fighting for free speech online for many years now.

The Equality Project
Promoting education and acceptance of all genders, sexualities, races and religions.

The Kinsey Scale
A linear scale of sexual orientation, running from 0 (totally hetero) to 6 (totally homosexual). For instance, a girl who prefers to sleep with men but quite often sleeps with women too might class herself as a Kinsey 1.5

Non UK Sites

List Mistress
Purpose: to provide mailing list services to the BDSM community around the globe.

No Mercy
Stunning model in excellent B&W fetish photographs.

United Consent
New community site with calendar, weblogs, personals, chat rooms, links, reviews and more!

Aragorn's Feetlinks
Site with links to a LOT of female foot fetish sites.

BDSM Online
A BDSM resource together with links to a world of information relating to all aspects of the BDSM Lifestyle taking in all sexualities.

Ds Kiosk
BDSM Resource site, including a large links area.

Open directory for Fetish and BDSM sites.

Fetish Alliance
"A social, philanthropic and educational organization and website..."

Fetish Kitten
Huge listings of online fetish and goth retail sites.

Fetish Salon
New community oriented site, with discussion boards and personal ads.

Foot Empire
For Sale adverts for all kinds of foot-fetish related items.

Gloria Brame
Describing itself as "an eclectic site for literate adults", this is a highly recommended read - lots of different areas to look around.

International Association of Rubberists
Massive international site for enthusiasts of latex / rubber clothing.
High quality images from a fetish photographer.

Latex Scene
Personal site of a couple from Ireland, with lots of images and other odds and ends.
A news site for the latex fetish community, from the same people who bring you

Little Girl Lost
A very informative, attractive and well-written website about ageplay.

Lust, Love & Latex
Weblog of a guy from Copenhagen, concentrating on his fetish experiences and thoughts about the scene.
Organisation aiming to promote understanding and appreciation for the many forms of adult intimate relationships and consensual sexual expression.

Slave Journal
An online adult magazine that combines fetish, bdsm, erotic art and articles of interest to the fetish community.

The Deviant's Dictionary
A stunningly comprehensive encyclopedia of perversions! Well worth a visit.

Used Fetish
A fetish version of eBay? Fairly basic looking, but could be a good place to pick up a bargain.

Sites that link to us

Porn Free Kink Campaign
A campaign that promotes kink-oriented websites that aren't covered in pornography.

Slashgoth - big goth news site with lots of content - similar layout to this site.

Elizium used to be THE Goth/Industrial night, but has since 'degenerated' into an online community...

Ultimate Shoes
An online shoe store with offices in the USA and the UK - "The ultimate resource for high-fashion footwear"

BDSM Email List
Comprehensive listings of BDSM related groups and communities all over the globe - with plenty of entries in the UK section.

Bondage Top Sites
Bondage links site.

Bondage Websites Directory
Bondage links site.

Chastiser's World
A source of information for those interested in, involved in or fantasising about the D/s lifestyle.

Mainstream nightclub reviews and information.

Dark Fashions
Lots of categorised links to other fetish sites.

Dr Benways Dungeon
Dr Benway's Dungeon: home of slave kas. Wide variety of personal content (pics, stories, and more).

Fetish Engine
Fetish and BDSM links site with editor's reviews for every link.

Fetish List
Fetish links site.

Fetish Portal
Fetish links site.

Goth 'zine - grew from a student goth 'zine last year but now aiming at all readers.
Portal site for (duh!) goths. Lots of sections including articles, links, and photo galleries.

Queen Scene UK
A directory and guide to London & Britain for tourists & locals & the gay community in particular.

Erotic fiction.

Wicket Fetishes
Searchable fetish links site.