Fab Swingers - a sexually open minded communityFeature

There's quite a lot of cross-over between the swingers community and the fetish community, from personal experience we've frequently pulled at fetish clubs! Personally, neither me nor my partner are that keen on the term 'swingers' at all and we'd normally talk about 'playing' instead however it's the word that everyone uses so that's why we called our website Fab Swingers.

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Fetish art prints available at new online storeFeature

ObsessionArt.co.uk is a new online gallery-shop selling nude, erotic and fetish art prints and originals. The gallery holds exclusive work from internationally acclaimed artists, including Ray Leaning, Ben Marcato, Lochai, Steel, Georgi Tier and many more. Any gallery image can be ordered in any size to fit preference or budget and each is available as a photo-media, fine art or stretched canvas print. We also provide a printing service to professionals and enthusiasts alike looking to have intimate images turned into high-quality fine art or canvas prints. Alternatively, customers can commission a personal portrait by one of the artists through us.

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Bondage SafetyFeature

This information is for guidance only, as I am not medically qualified. I welcome comments or feedback from medical professionals.

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Tis the season to get your bits out (+ win stuff)Feature

We're doing our Boobies For Peace online advent calendar again this xmas and are currently looking for entries.

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Nemesis2 - Dedicated Dungeon / Fetish ClubFeature

After much searching, trying to find that most elusive of things - A club dedicated to the fetish scene, one that isnt at the mercy of a 3rd party pub/club,. It was great to finally find NEMESIS2.

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Stansted Airport Fetish AccommodationFeature

There is a place close to Stansted Airport that offers B+B to all us fetish people. They have a wonderfull dungeon with the most fantastic four poster bondage bed. They also cater for cross dressers and can provide a dressing service.

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Safewords are so often casually tossed at newcomers to BDSM as the be all and end all of safety, yet so rarely actually discussed in great detail. What exactly makes a scene safer for having a safeword? Can slaves who have given up all rights to make their own decisions still have a safeword? What is a safeword? What do you do when it is used? How do you use it? How do you safeword in cyber? So many questions, so many possibilities and all revolving on some of the most important foundations of BDSM... trust and safety.

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Living with Prince AlbertFeature

Hi... a little while ago i wrote an article about my Prince Albert piercing. Given that i still get the occasional question about the Prince Albert (hereafter referred to as my PA) and the fact that the previous article effectively finished at the point where my PA was 'installed', the reasoning behind this article was to cover the rest of the story. Its also to basically answer the rhetorical question as to whether, having lived with the PA for a while, it was a worthwhile experience.

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Clothing Fetishist Reveals All!Feature

Like all good stories, this one starts in the middle. To be precise, it starts at 7 a.m. on a cold Saturday morning in January in this home. My wife was getting ready to go to work (she was working Saturday overtime partly to pay for spending on fetish clothing during the previous month) and I had hoped to have a nice lie-in. However, the forces of exploding porridge and shattering glass were to prevent my plans from coming true.

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Fetish and BDSM on IRCFeature

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It's a type of instant chat network that has been around for almost as long as the Internet - longer than the web, and a lot longer than ICQ, AIM, and all the other instant messenger things. This article aims to give you a quick guide to getting on IRC, and where to go once you're on there.

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