About contributingInformation

We're always happy to receive new articles. If you're thinking about writing an article for us, or submitting one that you've already written, but aren't quite sure if your article is right for this site, then perhaps the guidelines below will help.


Articles can be about anything that you think would interest other people in the UK fetish community. Still not sure? Look at it this way... if you're interested in it, then there's a fair chance someone else would be as well.

Our current article categories include 'News', 'Request', various 'Review' categories, 'Feature' for longer more general articles, and 'Opinion/Rant' for those moments when you just can't keep it to yourself any more!

We are also currently experimenting with categories for advertising events and websites. If you think we need to add a new category, email us and we can discuss it. We're always open to suggestions, that's the whole point of this site - to provide what the community wants.


Quality, not quantity! A good article can be anything from two paragraphs upwards (remember that the first paragraph is all that will show on the front page, so try to summarise or get the reader's interest in that paragraph).

Most people find that once they actually start writing, they write a lot more than two paragraphs - that's fine, there's no upper limit on the size of an article!

If you've written a short piece about something, it's still worth submitting it, because of the way the site works. Your short article could lead to a long and interesting discussion in the comments attached to it - so don't decide not to post just because you haven't written thousands of words.

Copyright, etc

We believe that if you write it, you own it. If you post an article here, the only right you give us is the right to publish it here on this site, along with any comments that might get posted in response. If you want to post your article somewhere else too, you don't have to ask our permission, it's your article!

Please be careful not to post things here which you don't own. That includes your own articles, if you've already posted them somewhere with a more restrictive policy than ours - we don't want to end up in arguments with other sites because they feel they own your work and you've also posted it here.

How to contribute

If you've looked through the guidelines above and decided you'd like to contribute an article to the site, then just click on the 'Contribute article' link towards the top-right of the page and follow the instructions!

One last thing...

Finally, thankyou!! This site is entirely made up of what the readers contribute to it - without the articles and comments that people post here, there would be no site - so we are truly grateful for your contributions.