Secret Selection of MistressesReview

I am what you would call a connoisseur of domination, mistresses and fetish. It was just recently, my friends and I decided to start an elite collection of our favourite dominatrices, and compile them all up together in to a directory (we called it dominatrices). I realise building a site from scratch is a long shot, with all of the competition out there already all over the the Internet, but this directory will have somewhat of a twist to it. And it works like this: first of all, they (the mistresses) request a listing, then (the fun bit) we actually test them out; but the testing is done under cover and in complete secrecy. My foreign friends are going to be visiting those mistresses who are outside the UK. My friends are also well in to the same kinky fetish stuff as myself, and they've already agreed, and said for sure, that they are more than willing to travel to the locations I send them to. It's a bit like the mystery shoppers you get creeping around supermarkets. However, if any mistresses happen to be charlatans, hucksters or low quality rubbish, her link will be promptly removed. The only ones whose listings will remain are going to be the best, top quality dominatrixes.

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I just had another look at this artists website and was pleased to see many new pictures. His art includes fetish, vampire, cartoon and pinup art, all quite explicit but amazingly detailed with a nice sense of humour. definitely worth a look. Here is a link:

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Fetish Art on the Art of LoveReview

The world of fetish is an inspiration for many artists, this site covers many of them. The site has a large collection of galleries and articles on the subject.

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Submarine Escape SuitReview

Hi there - I recently purchased a submarine escape suit for Bondage reasons. Absolute bargain from ebay. The suits are genuine and now obselete models from the MoD. They inflate all over giving the feeling of being squished in!. Full enclose is possible by the extra strong fully water proof zips that make the suit a dry suit. can infalte and deflate via valves on the cuffs.

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A review of Mistress ScorpiaReview

Please read with an inner fire blazing within your heart and a beautiful ballad soaring in the background - as that is how this review was written.

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Used FetishReview

Cool auction site. I have got some kinky bargains through them. And also sold quite a few items that I was a bit embarrased to take to the charity shop... Hopefully more people will be posting more items as it grows, needs a bit more variety. Sure I will be there bidding. The website address is

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First experience of a dungeonReview

Ms.Demmie is one of the nicest people i have ever had the privilege and honour to meet. my Master, Pagliacci, took me to stay at Ms.Demmies' dungeon 'The Edge' for a week, in February of this year.

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My Demon LoverReview

'Kneel Before Me' is a must have cd for any dungeon or bedroom - 9 tracks of dark and threatening music to get any dungeon party swinging. Tracks like Bitch & Night Stalker just ooze atmosphere!

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Laser Hair RemovalReview

I read in some recent postings about laser hair removal. I have just been treated at (hope advertising is okay), Boston Clinic in Bayswater, London ( They have the only laser of its kind in the UK and it's considered to be the best anywhere in the world. Works terrific. Painless if that's what you want, but if on the other hand that's not what you want, on maximum power it certainly worked for me!! I would recommend it to anyone. All the staff are medically trained and they treat both sexes. Lots of both guys and gals the day I was there. Thoroughly recommended.

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BDSM Swap Shop - Great site!Review

When fed up with television repeats and turkey left overs at Christmas, we went for a look around on the Internet. We were really impressed when we stumbled on the BDSM swap shop through a link on this site.

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