Thought Crimes AKA Violent Porn legislationOpinion/Rant

So today is 'blogging for Backlash' day*. Backlash are the campaigning organisation trying to inject some sanity into the debate about the proposed violent porn legislation. The proposed legislation is objectionable on three main grounds, as far as I can see...

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Good article about 'the kink community'Opinion/Rant

'There is no kink community' says Midori: read her article on the Eros-Zine website.

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Gyne fetishOpinion/Rant

This is just a brief plea for comments. Since I 'operate' strictly in a one-to-one situation and have not attended fetish groups/munches and the like for over ten years, I have to say I've lost touch with general trends as regards fetish preferences.

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I hate clubs!Opinion/Rant

I have little faith in meeting a good partner on the internet but absolutely detest every fetish club I have been to! To qualify that, the bad elements massively out weigh the good for me. I am not an exhibitionist, in fact, I'm shy. The last thing I want when I meet someone who attracts me and may be interested in me, is to be scoped out by the many voyeuristic types. It is why many seem to be there and good luck to them - but providing them with wanking material makes my skin crawl.

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Advertising EventsOpinion/Rant

I had a really good time at the last Erotic Eden, partially due to the company i was with but heh, that's another story. There were some minor hiccups on their first night, but overall a very good event. I was very much looking foreward to going to the event on the 25th, but I now have some concerns and reservations.

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Cruel CrushingOpinion/Rant

I am about to produce some 'crushing' video clips for my members site, using fruit and other squishy items. During my research into this fetish I came across a site that offered videos of the 'domme' crushing, amongst other things, a live tarantula spider, goldfish and crickets. The unfortunate crickets were also being burnt by cigarettes, pulled apart by their legs and nailed to trees.

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Tokyo Bound - Open letter to ALL TV researchersOpinion/Rant

I had the pleasure of watching Tokyo Bound - The Bondage Mistresses of Japan , last night. And it was a pleasure. The programme made a genuine attempt to portray and understand the dynamics involved. It did not set out to titillate and gave the viewer an insight into the motivations of both the Mistresses and their clients. It also showed the importance of safety, knowing what you are doing and after-care as well as offering some stunning rope work by a Japanese Rope master. It was a very *balanced* programme, without sensationalism. There was no element of the *freak -show*.

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Smoking in Fetish Clubs?Opinion/Rant

Do you approve? Vote in this poll!

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Looking - adviceOpinion/Rant

Below is something i once wrote with regards to someone coming into a list and immediately assuming they'll find a partner. Knowing that that's not the way things work, I started out giving a small reply. In the end - it wasn't so small... ;)

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Fake Dommes and online advertsOpinion/Rant

It is so difficult to meet genuine people in the Scene - we all know that and amongst the thousands of wannabes, timewasters and photo-collectors who claim to be genuine occasionally we find that all too rare Dominant or submissive.

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