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As people have probably noticed, I've not been keeping this site up to date lately - largely because I'm not doing much fetish clubbing any more. I've decided that it might be time to sell the domain names to someone who will make better use of them. If you're interested in buying, and, please email me: denny at uk fetish dot info - include some info about what you'd be using the domains for and how much you'd be willing to pay. I'm more likely to sell to an interesting project than to the highest bidder.

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Events details for next year needed!

Someone recently emailed me to point out that there was no way to add details for events happening in 2005 - this oversight has now been corrected, so please start entering your favourite events onto our events calendar for next year! Remember, any member of this site can add an event to the calendar - just scroll to the bottom of the events page and click on the link there (or click here!).

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For the attention of people who post your event details to this site: There are various rules clearly explained on the page where you type in your event details. I am about to delete all events which are not complying with these simple rules, which are designed to make this site useful for the people who read it. The rules include (but are not limited to):

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Sorry for the quiet spell on the site lately, with no new articles being posted - unfortunately I got knocked off my motorbike last month and only got out of hospital a couple of hours ago. I'll be trying to catch up on various things over the next few days, including the backlog of articles waiting to be posted here, and an incredible amount of emails that I received while I was away!

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[article removed]

[ article removed at author request ]

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UK Fetish Info is in the Erotic Award

I just received an email about the Erotic Award this site was nominated for recently (see previous article). We got into the finals!! I don't know how many other sites are also in the finalists for this category, but I think I can justifiably be very excited now anyway :)

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UK Fetish Info nominated for Erotic

We've been nominated for an Erotic Award! As part of the judging process, we're supposed to supply 'reviews and/or press cuttings' about the site... of which there are basically none :( I suggested that instead I post an article asking the readers to explain why they like the site, and then send in the answers. This idea met with approval, so... why do you like this site? :)

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Okay, we're back (I hope!)

Anyone trying to visit this site in the last week or more probably noticed we were suffering from severe technical problems. These are (hopefully!) now all fixed and things should be getting back to whatever passes for normal around here!!

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Netscape 4 fixes

I've been busy with the code that runs the website again - hopefully people who are using Netscape 4 should now see something vaguely resembling what the rest of us are looking at! :)

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UK Fetish Info nominated for award!

Thankyou to various people who've nominated us for a New Statesman New Media award in the Online Communities category - I don't suppose we'll be seeing a fetish site win any mainstream media awards anytime soon, but it's a nice thought! If you want to nominate us too, click here (try to use the same organisation name and URL as other people ('UK Fetish Info' and '') as this will mean all the votes go in one place).

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