The SubstationRequest

Hi everyone. We used to run a website and traded under the name The Substation about 6 years ago. Due to changes in circumstances we stopped trading, and have lost touch with everyone. I am hoping there may be some people who remember us and possibly want to contact us as we are selling off all our stock at very good prices. Please contact us if you are interested

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Selling fet itemsRequest

I have decided that at the ripe old age of 60 its time to put some of the more vigorous aspects of BDSM to rest. Therefore I have some items which I no longer need but are much too good to dispose of. Does anyone know of anywhere I could sell them? (too raunchy for ebay!) Any advice gratefully received.

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Fetish photos - willing participantsRequest

My girlfriend and I would love to take part in fetish photography. We're based in South England. If you are, or know of, a fetish photographer in this area or near London, looking for male and/or female models then please do let us know.

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Need FETISH friendly flatmate!Request

Hi there. Me & my partner are both active in the London fetish scene. We are currently looking for a girl/boy between 22 and 35years old to rent a single room with double-bed in our 3 bedroom-split level flat, smack in the middle of Hammersmith W6.

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i need guidance pleaseRequest

i have recently become a slave... just over a week ago in fact. i am in my 40's and i'm wondering what took me so long to find out what i am.

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Playroom wanted for rentalRequest

We (F/m) couple are looking for a playroom to rent on a short term basis. Nothing too serious - maybe a slightly kinky bedroom setting rather than a full blown dungeon. My partner is a domme in training and the more serious looking dungeons are putting her off. Reasonable rates please. Any suggestions welcome.

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Seeking Wrestling FemalesRequest

We are a happily married couple who are into female wrestling.We run our own website called We are located in Bournemouth and can offer a friendly and warm welcome.Our contact details are on the website..

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Male Shoe Fetish?Request

I'm a female with a major male shoe obsession. I'm looking for websites that are not gay-focussed to indulge my passion, with pics, fics, anthing really! I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only person who feels like this!

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Fetish HotelsRequest

My partner and I have been looking for a fetish hotel. We would like to find a hotel that has themed rooms but is very relaxed and comfortable and you dont feel pressured as this would be my first time at a fetish hotel. I have been looking on the internet but dont seem to have found anything. If anyone has any ideas of places in the UK it would be fantastic if you could let me know - thanks!

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What are your attitudes toward adult webites?Request

Hello Everyone! I am a graduate student conducting a study on people's attitudes toward adult websites. The online survey is anonymous, confidential, and posted on a secured website. The survey will only take 15 minutes of your time.

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