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Revelations was on it's first night in September, and may it long continue to run on the first Friday of every month at Ceasers (venue of Rapture). Run by Roissy the same people who run Rapture, I think alot of people wondered what else they could do - after all same venue, same people, same equipment.

Anyone expecting Rapture II, or son of Rapture, will be fearfully disappointed.

The main play area, with balcony that everyone stands on and interferes with any play there has gone. Well not gone, hidden. The atmosphere is much more relaxed (though I partially wonder if that was low numbers on first night - we will have to see). And due to what Roissy have done with the areas they've got - there is a lot less distraction when playing - which may be the reason I flew so high that night (not as high as the Rapture that followed - but for much the same reason - I didn't have anyone to distract me at the edge of my field of vision - a problem at Rapture, but not a problem at Revelations).

Roissy are promising that unlike Rapture, the furniture will move around the venue, and that they'll bring out new pieces of furniture that don't make Rapture for whatever reason. The music as always was just right, the right type at the right volume, as anyone these days would expect of a Roissy run event.

It's going to be interesting to see how Revelations develops over the months as more and more people start attending.

let me stress again that Revelations is not Rapture. Revelations has, in my opinion, a much more relaxed atmosphere, and the play areas a lot more intimately laid out and less in everyone's view. If you want everyone watching you as you flog/spank away - then stick to Rapture, if you want a bit more seclusion - go to Revelations.

Because of the more intimate and close atmosphere of Revelations - i would suggest it to anyone wishing ot go to their first club but afraid of playing in wide open space as like most clubs. The areas at Revelations are small, discreetly seperate but part of the larger area, but with more then enough room to swing a cat. Ideal for first time players I would have said.

I hopefully haven't given too much away - it's an experience waiting to be taken and enjoyed. Revelations is a good night out and far removed in atmosphere/looks then Rapture. Even if you didn't like Rapture, I'd say Revelations is worth a try.


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I wrote to a good friend the other today to say that LL and I would be attending Revelations and that 'despite the publicity I can't see how a bit of different music and changing the furniture around somewhat is gonna make that much difference... but we'll see'. Given that we enjoy Rapture so much I wasn't in the least concerned that Revelations would be similar.

Well I am happy to eat a bit of crow and say that I was very wrong about that and my congratulations to Laurence, lauren and the Roissy crew for creating something wonderful and different.

I'm not going to spoil it for those that haven't been and describe it with any precision but I will say the layout and decoration are very different from Rapture in a way that creates a very different ambience to the play areas. From a subs point of view I found that there was considerably fewer distractions which made floating off into fluffy cloud land significantly easier for me.

And Keith... I hope you won't mind me saying the music really worked incredibly well!

We had a wonderful evening with good friends, the atmosphere for us was fabulous, the play was awesome, the layout and decor well thought out. In short a triumph, which I am sure in a short space of time will become as popular as Rapture.

I did cross my mind to keep quiet about it and keep it all to myself <grin> but I was never very good at keeping secrets. Revelations deserves to be a great success.

A stunning night... thanks to everyone who made it so.


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