Laser Hair RemovalReview

I read in some recent postings about laser hair removal. I have just been treated at (hope advertising is okay), Boston Clinic in Bayswater, London ( They have the only laser of its kind in the UK and it's considered to be the best anywhere in the world. Works terrific. Painless if that's what you want, but if on the other hand that's not what you want, on maximum power it certainly worked for me!! I would recommend it to anyone. All the staff are medically trained and they treat both sexes. Lots of both guys and gals the day I was there. Thoroughly recommended.

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I have visited the Boston Clinic (Bayswater) WWW.BOSTONCLINIC.CO.UK
was given excellent treatment for Botox & Hair removal

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Hair removal#2

God what a great place, I visited about two weeks ago.
no more unsightly hair (on me)

marvelous treatment (one of the best clinics I have visited)

Will be going back for Botox consultation very soon

Guys, you have to visit this wonderfull place!!!!

Its great!!!

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Re: Hair removal#7

Hi jayjay,

where did you go? and how much did it cost PLEEZE its so hard to find someone that removes ALL hair.

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Re: Hair removal#35

Worth it!

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Laser Hair Removal - Free Treatment#3

I was informed when I visited them today that Boston Clinic (UK) Ltd requires female models 18-35 years plus for television documentary re laser hair removal 'Designer Bikini' Treatment. If anyone is interested, please reply by 28 June for Free treatment. Ask for Liz and quote 'Channel TV'. Telephone 020 727 3442 - 9.30am to 5.30pm.

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I belive you are from the co...#4

Sounds too odd. You defs work for the co!

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Re: I belive you are from the co...#5

Of course they are. You'd have to give free blow jobs for clients to rant and rave like that!

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Re: Re: I belive you are from the co...#6

Well I can believe it. I went to a health and beauty clinic in Beaconsfield (Mayflowers), I found them with Google. They use a thing like laser called IPL. It's supposed to be faster and safer and the results were terriffic. These machines really are good. It tingled rather than hurt and took a few days for the hairs to drop but I'll defintly be going back for more treatments. They reckon 3 to 6 treatments 6 weeks or so apart. I reckon if you find somewhere good then why not rave about it. Or are you only looking for negative comments!

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Re: Laser Hair Removal#8

Greetings all, thought I'd chuck in my experiences thus far. I found advertised in the metro in London. If you say you saw their advert you get a free test patch and 50% off the first treatment. I went last week and got my test patch. You get a thorough video presentation and then a consultation. I went here as they say permanent is just that. So due to my hair type they reckon they can shift about 70% over a few treatments and then if I choose I could have electrolysis.
The patch was nippy, its just like having lots of hairs pulled out at once even though they are being zapped.
If anyones interested I can let you know how it all pans out. Treatment starts tomorrow.

Good luck all.

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Laser Hair Removal#9

I guess times have moved on. Now in 2004 there is a really good clinic in Cambridge for all you M11 freaks (ok - so I went by train). BodyLaser is based in Regent Street and they are using new laser technology called 'CoolGlide Vantage'. I have been really impressed with the results. So if you fancy a day out in Cambridge ... check it out!

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