Back To The Fetish!! Absolution (MK) returns...News

At long last we are back! We are proud to announce that the next Absolution will be on Friday the 26th July - once more at the Pink Punters, Fenny Stratford, nr. Milton Keynes.

We are going to change the format slightly for the first three events (monthly) so that those people that are interested in turning up to a fetish night for the first time can be catered for. We will be running 3 fetish orientated nights and then we will move to a strict dress code. This will co-incide with plans that the landlord has wiith the premises and he has guaranteed that this time we will have TOTAL control over door policy and everything that goes on downstairs. The entrance fee for the first 3 events will be a mere 5 per night. We will be running from 21:00 until 04:00. If all goes well, when we move to the strict dress code in addition to the usual playroom and dungeon (with dominatrix) we are planning some interesting stage shows. If anyone wants more information contact Tony 01908 232434 (10:00 - 18:00) or 01908 511743 answerphone.

If the events take off we will be looking at running on a fortnightly basis.

A big thanks to all those that have continued to support us by phone or mail over the last twelve months. Watch this space for more information.

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Big Cheers All Round!!!#3

Hooray, Absolution is back, and long may it be so! Can't wait to get back again with old and new friends alike! I'm sure it will be bigger and better than ever!

What's the music policy likly to be? Any new kit for the dungeon? Will there be a pole on the stage? Will there be a bigger play space?

So many questions. But nevermind, will be there anyway and will drag a few willing friends along as well!

Well Done, and welcome back! :)

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REply to Anny Nony Mouse#4

Thanks for the comment and I am glad that it is back also. In answer to your questions the music policy will be much the same, I am hoping to have another new piece of furniture in the dungeon and yes there will be a pole on the stage.



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Absolution is Back!#5

Hooray! Great! Fantastic!
Its great to see you back as nothing else locally comes close.We would even be happy to pay a little more.
You dont know what you have till it was gone.
I agree with strict dress code nothing is more off putting that a group of guys in jeans and trainers wandering around and staring at you all night.
The venue is good although I preffered Zaks. It was improving when last held here and I think with the right crowd it could be great.
I would love to see a grope box in the dungeon. Can't wait to grovel to the dominatrix.
See you all again on 26th

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We are glad to hear your response and thank you for your continued support. We will be having a grope box at some time in the future. The one we were using needs a few changes made so we are arranging for a new one to be made.

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Great news!#1

Well this has been eagerly awaited by many, judging by the comments on here and conversations at Absolutely Alternative. It's really good to see you back...

It's also really good to see a reasonable entry price, and I hope it's not going to go up too much after the first few - any ideas what it might be then, or is it too early to say? Even a rough idea would be nice, if you've got one...

Shame about the dress code, but I can understand your reasons for doing it this way... I'm not sure it'll make it the best event from my point of view (and others who are already comfortable within the fetish scene) but it will of course be nice to see if it brings in new people who might have been scared off by a stricter policy.

I wonder if there is scope for keeping the dress policy looser only for couples maybe, or would that have legal implications or something? It seems to me that most 'tentative first timers' I've spoken to are couples, whereas most dress code violators who end up causing hassle are always single or a same-sex crowd, generally single males but I have seen groups of girls wandering around taking the piss out of people in the past as well. Well, just a thought anyway...

I can't quite work out from the wording above if the dungeon and resident mistress etc are going to be at the first few events, or only once it goes back to strict dress code, can you clear that up for me?

Anyway, like I say it's really good to see you back at last. I quite liked the layout of the Punter as a fetish club venue (basements always lend a good atmosphere!), and I thought it was a shame when the last event I attended was a bit of a disaster with dress code violations etc etc. Glad to hear that the door will be totally under your control this time, hope it all works out well whether I manage to get there or not...


I'm one of the admins here on
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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Reply to Denny#2

Denny , thanks for your comments. We will be keeping the price to 5 for members and 7 for non-members for the forseeable future. We will however put up the prices by 1 or 2 if we need to to cover our costs.

The dungeon and Dominatrix will be on hand from the first night and we are hoping to have some sort of entertainment when we can sort it out.


Little Ted

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Thank goodness#7

I'm so glad that Absolution is back...PP is by far the best venue, I never did understand why the back door wasn't used to gain access to the cellar, I agree with the relaxed door policy to get new members aquainted, I know some are scared of the unknown but love it when they get there, it can be daunting the first time. Maybe if some effort is made rather then the jeans and trainers. It would be great to get a website going or some way to keep people informed, MSN community maybe? Keep it going, its a great club, glad you kept trying for the past year and were sucessful in getting back into PP.
PS. I'll need to dig out my membership card..Where the hell did I put it...In the leather or rubber??

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ust a reply#8

Thanks very much for the comments. We were unable to use the back door because the venue management did not allow us to. We are hoping to have a web site up and running as soon as we are able but as you must be aware there are only so many hours in the day. We will see what we can do. Thanks for sticking it out with us (ooh err missus)
Look forward to seeing you on the 26th

Little Ted

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