Tokyo Bound - Open letter to ALL TV researchersOpinion/Rant

I had the pleasure of watching Tokyo Bound - The Bondage Mistresses of Japan , last night. And it was a pleasure. The programme made a genuine attempt to portray and understand the dynamics involved. It did not set out to titillate and gave the viewer an insight into the motivations of both the Mistresses and their clients. It also showed the importance of safety, knowing what you are doing and after-care as well as offering some stunning rope work by a Japanese Rope master. It was a very *balanced* programme, without sensationalism. There was no element of the *freak -show*.
NOW the RANT. Why has it not been possible for UK film makers to produce something in a similar vein? Why do they have to portraty BDSM in the way that they do? BDSM has a lot more to offer than just kinky sex ..... so SHOW IT.

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tokyo bound channel 4#1

having been to japan several times and enjoying fetish clubs in the uk it is with sadness to give this report in a most negative way, japan leads the world in the art of bondage but when s&m is mentioned it is usually an item that is for sale by poorly trained hookers and several bars in the ginza area of tokyo where the price of drink can cost at least 25.00, let alone the entrance fee and of course the tips for the girls depending on what they are asked to offer.on one particular visit to an s&m establishment in tokyo accompanied by my japanese girlfriend
it seemed to cater more for the pleasure of men rather than women, in general japan has alot to learn from the uk, and that is probably the reason why alot of japanese women in particular who enjoy S&m live in the uk. s&m in japan has a pretty poor reputation as most people that seem to be interested have no idea in what its all about.
with uk clubs i.e. torture garden trying their hand in bringing the culture of uk fetish clubs to the curious! may help establish a better understanding but i certainly think that this would take a long time to work.the japanese are indeed a curious race of people in many ways equal to the british, the only difference being is that we are light years ahead of the understanding of s&m to be a mutual experience between sub and dom and not treating it as an
easy way to get money from rich businesmen.
(tony san)

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Tokyo Bound#2

Thanks for taking the time to offer some *local* knowledge and present a more balanced view from that perspective. I felt that this programme was moving towards the type of documentary that I would like to see produced about BDSM in the UK. I am disappointed that on reflection it might not have been as well thought out as I thought.
Kind regards

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