Club owner seeks promoter to establish new nightRequest

I have a nightclub in central Manchester in which I would like to establish and develop a regular, sustainable, safe and (legendary) fetish club night. I need to hear from an experienced club promoter with the contacts, audience (databases) and skills to make it happen.

The club has a legal capacity of 400 and has a 24 hour public entertainments licence. It is a basement club, very very secure and very very safe - no street access or windows (did I mention discreet). The style of night must be glamorous and fun.

Any ideas and proposals to the email address below.

Have fun!

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Re: Club owner seeks promoter to establish new nig#1

In light of recent threads here about clubs and the *pitfalls* of trying to cater to both the BDSM community and the fetish community , can you clarify just what type of club you intend to be running? ie is it a fetish and dance club , a fetish and dance club with a play space , or a BDSM club ?
Whichever ...... good luck in your venture.
Kind regards

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