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Sex Maniacs Ball on Friday last, at Bagleys Warehouse, Kings Cross, London. Initial reactions to Bagleys were one of pleasure. Reception and Cloakroom Service was couteous - although Cloakroom was a little tart and curt initially. 3 jig saw pieces comprised the free side show 'tokens'.

Entering the dark labyrinth of Bagleys we wound our way in to spy the stage and seated audience watching the Awards. There was an interesting photo exhibition too,a raised dais, plenty of bars and quite a few toilets,although these saw heavy occupacy and even a small queue throughout the night.

There was an infiniy dome,a rubber wall,a dancin cage, a pole dancing lesson stage,a couples only tent,some stalls selling sex products,a costume section,and a peculiar peep show and grope box. All were in use before the close of the awards ceremnony at midnight.

The lighting in this huge winding venue wasnt too bad. There were quite a few spots of white light which I always feel complements the guests as they can exhibit their costumes whereas very dark light obscures them and makes dressing up something of a waste of time.

However it was some time before people began to ask just a minute where the dungeon?? By 1am most guests had twigged that the entrance to this lay down an obscure staircase at the far end of the disco floor. A long ant like procession made its way out of the main building into the cold cold night to an 'annexe'. In fact there was a lot more on the way... massage room (couples area open), women only area, gay area, couples love room (peeping allowed), Pony Stables and finally dungeon for which 10 minute queues occasionally arose.

Inside 4-5 pieces of stunning equipment. The scenes were all high quality though a little slow paced at times.Bondage,spanking,etc. The dungeon was a little small perhaps but door control was efficient and no overcrowding took place which it almost certainly would have done. It was a 1 or token to go in the dungeon every time.

Upstairs the hi jinx resumed.The rubber wall split, the grope box saw many occupants,mainly female who apeared to enjoy being heartily groped giggling and smiling.Sadly some guys got greedy and put some girls(and guys) off by monopolising the shows at times and also sticking their hands where they oughtnt!

Unfortunately The Spanking Bandstand did not get off the ground as the staff did not turn up! So there was no spanking sideshow surely a dissappointmet and something to be restored next time perhaps broadening it out to passing guests as well but because there was no organisation,notice of this etc. it didnt happen :[

The guests costumes were very good,the standard of beauty of the lady guests was exceptional and great enjoyment was had by many and sundry at seeing the delightful bottoms and legs on display. No unfortunate incidents occurred and a good time was had by all. All in all a fantastic event!!

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Re: Sex Maniacs Ball#1

never been to the ball before , but have attended club rub , torture garden and whackos . I thought Bagleys itself was a bit sterilebut cannot fault anything else . People , staff etc were absolutely excellent - loads of sexy people having a sexy time ................well done , see you next year

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