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Erotica ran at Olympia, Kensington, this weekend. It was open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1pm-10pm. Basically it was a load of stalls selling sex/fetish-related things. If you had some money to spend, or were a particularly avid window-shopper, I would say you could easily fill a day. There was certainly some brilliant stuff there. But personally, I don't think I could be bothered to go as a customer (I was working there) as I would not have been able to fill more than a few hours looking around, and I don't think a few hours was worth the money they were charging for entry (it was either 15 or 20 I think).

There were some shows during the days which I didn't see. I heard that on Friday there were some women wearing very little and doing a rather lame dance routine. On Saturday, apparently there were some guys wearing very little and doing cool things like fire-eating, which everyone was very enthusuastic about. The music was absolutely appalling. They kept playing the same recordings over and over, including one where the only half-decent songs they ever played were ruined by being mixed together with an outstanding lack of skill.

There were some really cool people there. I would have really liked the time to talk more with some of them. There was pleanty of breasts and some genitals on display, but not really any sex, as far as I'm aware. I was pretty busy working, so I don't know what was going on at the bar, but from what I could make out people weren't really cruising. The toilets were characterised by a complete lack of people fucking in them. All vaguely disappointing.

There was an afterparty on Saturday night, entry to which was included with the price of the stall for all storeholders. Public were allowed in for 150 (!) which I think was meant to allow but not encorage stallholders to bring friends. There was free food and very expensive alcohol. I thought it was quite fun, but certainly not the depraved orgy I had been hoping for. There were people in various states of undress, and some dirty dancing, but that was as far as it went while I was there- I left at about 1.30am and went to the Torture Garden.

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Re: Erotica#1

I went and my first thought is it's a pity it was so crowded. I would have bought more things if it had been less crowded. There were things I liked the look of, but the press of people around meant I just looked for the trader's catalogue (especially one with a URL). When the stage show was running, you couldn't even reach some stalls!

Partner did get a *very* nice paddle and a tawse with 2 tongues and these were used to good effect later in the weekend. And an Electrostim Anal Probe - wicked little toy - highly recommended!

We'd have stayed longer and probably bought more if it was less crowded. Also too much smoking in non-designated areas - not good during a firemen's strike.

Sarah H

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Re: Re: Erotica#3

> W/we were also there on saturday and thought the same thing (smoking),
> next year is a must fir us and in the back of the show program is a nice
> offer that W/we will be aking up is for the Olympia Hilton + tickets +
> extra's for a (i think) reasonable price. we had a 9 hour round trip to
> get there and home again and really would prefer not to have this again
> as we were too tired to play when we finally got those toys home (sunday
> was much better though).

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Re: Erotica#2

Personally Ive never been attarcted to Erotica I did see a
lot of oik looking guys one year in blue jeans and trainers
Queing up outside Olympia-eroticism for the man on the Clapham Omnibus?
150 sounds a very high price for a erotic event when
20 is more the going rate.
A few years ago there used to be an event held every year
by Channel X/Readers Wives called the Channel X sex show
or somesuch-it was at Wembley-THAT event was great with
loads of page 3 type models posing acting in Santas Grotto,
lying on beds in sideshows etc etc.There were 200 or so
model quality women 'on display'!
Anyone remember it?

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