Torture Garden NYE partyReview: Event

This year I spent New Year's Eve at Mass in Brixton, shouting in the new year with 1200 other fetishists from the UK and beyond. I had fun :)

The party was the usual TG success... it was sold out, and all the areas of the club were busy right through until the end of the event at 6am.

The music on the main dancefloor was a bit hit and miss (although mostly danceable) up until 1:30am when Allen's set started, but both that and *ting*'s set were brilliant and had the dancefloor packed edge to edge and beyond with people bouncing around like lunatics. Hooray!

That said, the finest musical moment of the night had to be midnight. On the main dancefloor (home of the hard house anthem), we counted down the last ten seconds to midnight in unison, and then we were regaled with... 'Anarchy in the UK' by the Sex Pistols. This went down very well, and in some ways defines what I like about TG - it's not a single-minded kind of club, it attempts (and usually succeeds) to be all things to all people... or all perverts anyway :)

The eclectic lounge was suitably eclectic, and I spent some time dancing in there too. TG is probably the only place that the dancefloor crowd during 'Danger, Danger, High Voltage' could be weirder than the video!

The dungeon area at Mass had got very popular before TG had to move on from the venue, and people were pleased to be back there on this night... it was crowded all evening, but not unpleasantly so, and there were a lot of scenes going on every time I wandered through.

A lot of people seemed pleased to be back at Mass in general. I personally prefer the Colosseum, but Mass was TG's venue for a long time, and it will have a soft spot in the hearts of TG regulars for a while yet. The only complaint I heard was about the lack of convenient places for random sex - there was one small room set aside for chill-out and general shagging upstairs, and one area set aside for couples down in the dungeon (which I suspect some people may not have noticed).

Overall: this party was definitely worth the money (25 members, 30 non-members), and I'm already planning on spending the New Year in the company of TG and friends next year too.

Finally I'd like to thank D from the TG crew for being lovely, and I'll throw in a gratuitous plug for the TG fetish bazaar which she organises...

Happy New Year everyone!

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Re: Torture Garden NYE party#1

This account sounds very much like The TG we all know
and fear,overcrowded,lack of 'privacy',dodgy music and
hordes of Gay Go Go boys and other assorted creatures
who are more into plastic fashion dancing than actual
This became apparent when they drunkenly trampled through
over and round the middle of an exquisitely sensitive little
Dom scene one evening at Colliseum as if it were a mere
beggar sitting on the Northern Line platform at Rush Hour.
Lastly believ it or not SOME pervs are actually a bit
squeamish about holding an event such as this inside a
former Church.That may sound strange but even pervs have
beliefs,superstitions and religious scruples on occasion and may not wish
to see us reach The Colliseum or Sodom and Gommorah of
Ancient Rome just yet!
Whilst maybe not all Sunday attendees holding such a debauched event as this inside a Church is bound to attract
the wrong sort of attention from The Ecclesiastical Authorities.
Besides it adds to the guilt felt by quite a few in the venue for such an event.
Just a thought!

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Re: Re: Torture Garden NYE party#2

Let's not forget most churches were built on the sites of former Pagan worship.
I for one enjoy reclaiming them!

Doc Strange

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Re: Re: Re: Torture Garden NYE party#35

Have a nice day

cryogenic chamber

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Re: Re: Torture Garden NYE party#3

I think thats a little unfair...
I for one love the pervery just as much as the 'plastic fashion.' I just choose not to take part in public scenes. To assume that everyone at TG who dances or dresses up isn't really there for the fetishism is just insulting really.
You can love both y'know!

Not to say that everyone there is a pervert...that would be just as much as a dumb generalisation...TG is a great fun club that plays fantastic music and gives people the oppurtunity to really push the boundaries of fashion/appearence, some people go for those reasons alone.

Basically, if you don't like it...don't go!
We're lucky in London b/c theres such a choice of Fetish Nights...there must be one to suit you somewhere.
If you have issues with TG being held in an ex-church...only go to the nights in Vauxhall.
I personally love Mass as a club venue, and have absolutly no guilt about it once being a church.

'holding such a debauched event as this inside a Church is bound to attract
the wrong sort of attention from The Ecclesiastical Authorities'

Just out of interest, have TG ever experienced this kind of problem???

[ok, this is a bit of a poorly written response. But I'm insulted b/c i feel attacked by generalisations against people who dress up//dance at TG.]

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Re: Re: Re: Torture Garden NYE party#8

Mass is i believe owned by the church and leased out to the management. It still has a church which is under the cabaret dancefloor and above the bug bar. The dungeon area is used on sunday mornings for meetings, church groups etc. From what i have heard they know TG exsists and actually support the night as TG hires the 3rd space from them.

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Re: Ecclesiastical Authorities#4

> bound to attract the wrong sort of attention from The Ecclesiastical Authorities.

'Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!' *ROTFL*

I'm one of the admins here on
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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Re: Re: Torture Garden NYE party#5

Just a hint of bouncing bowly here. Are the two the same. I for one am glad that you and people like you dont like TG. it makes it much more fun and sexy night out to meet open minded friendly individuals rather then people like yourself that seem to have one bloody big fish and chip on your shoulder. Please go to your bdsm clubs enjoy your quite, not many people there events but please stop knocking the things that you clearly dont enjoy and dont even attend.

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Re: Re: Re: Torture Garden NYE party#6

Yeah, but the various boards would be a bit less interesting without DF/BB, now wouldn't they?


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Re: Re: Re: Re: Torture Garden NYE party#7

true, true

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Torture Garden NYE party#9

My master and his slave 1 & 2 thought it was a great night ! and have got the pics to prove it at !!!
hope you enjoy !!

Huggs slave 10!!!

Huggs Slave 10 ( H )

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