Absolution in Milton Keynes Friday 31/01/03Review: Event

Having read (and heard) much about this fetish/club night I decided to find out for myself what it is like. We arrived a little after ten to a warm welcome from Tony (the organiser)...on making our way through to the main dance area we found several 'stages' to dance on, and a cross in one corner. The club is clean, as are the ladies loos *S*. The music is dance/trance and is loud...but it makes a rather pleasant change! The crowd was friendly if sometimes a little on the young side....and no....it never got really crowded.

Later in the night we decided to play, which involved a quick venture outside in the snow...but it is only a matter of walking five feet until you are inside the Dungeon. The dungeon is clean and well lit, complete with a choice of music (it is not linked to the main dance area which is nice). In the Dungeon there is a cross, a pole with cuffs, and 2 whipping benches, one with stocks attached....although in the end we didn't use any of the equipment (prefering at the time to make cerbie stand there to have wicked things done to him *wink*). The room is big enough to have several couples playing with ease, but small enough to be an intimate play space, and because it is in a seperate building, I get the feeling that not too many voyeurs venture out for a looksee! The play space is also non smoking which is always nice.

So, all in all we had a fab time.....you need to remember that the club IS dancey, so if you don't like it dancey don't go....if however you like a change of scenerey/music/atmosphere then this is a nice, friendly club to attend.

Absolution would definitely seem to have come of age and has found it's feet...long may it continue......and they have FAB back drops in the club *grin* quite inspirational some of them!*Wink* We are looking forward to the next one, despite the hour long journey!

BlueVelvet and cerberus

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Re: Absolution in Milton Keynes Friday 31/01/03#1

Hi, we were photographed at this event & wondered if any photos of the event were available on line as we would like 2 c ourselves on a screen & c if it turns us on (hopefully the rest of this internet cafe does not mind)ha ha. Hi 2 paul & rache. reply 2 mk.shep.2002@lycos.co.uk

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Re: Re: Absolution in Milton Keynes Friday 31/01/0#2

Sounds quite interesting but getting to a place
like Milton Keynes and more importantly back again safely
late at night presents major logistical problems
for too many Fetishists.

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Absolution in Milton Keynes Friday 28/03/03#3

What a disappointment, only seems to be two types of people there, one lot want to listen to the dance/trance music and the other half are genuine fetish goers and want to play. People where leaving because of the music, it's too load and constantly bangs away, i myself left with a headache, i am in my 20's, so i'm not old.

The play room was unused by the time i left at about 2am. It seems absoution has turned into a place where hard core dance fanatics go, only to have to wear PVC to get in. At one stage i saw 20ish people standing outside to get away from the music (their words), so i joined them.

Not to mention i caught some idiot wandering round with a digital camera behind his back, creeping in and out of the play room, if i have my bum out getting spanked i don't want it appearing on some perv's computer or website without my permission, my friend and several other people have comented on this man, so it wasn't my imagination.

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