Hyde Park Nude Picnic World Nude Day 1st JuneReview: Event

There was expected to 200-300 nude picnickers attending at Hyde Park Picnic at the boathouses north of the serpentine on 1st June 2003 (Sunday). We attended from 10.30am until 11.30am and are sad to report that no one turned up to this event at all despite widespread media coverage on LBC radio news bulletins and soundbytes by Richard Collins from The British Nude Federation, the organiser.

A heavy police presence was in evidence from the start numerous Police mini buses,motorcyles,horses,foot patrols and park police patrolled the several hundred yards of roadway where the picnic was due to begin.Bemused rollerbladers and horse riders were all that were to be seen along with rows of empty deckchairs. The weather was humid with bright susnhine breaking through.Certainly warm enough for nudity.Police in other parks like Holland Park and Regents Park were also on 'standby', but to our knowledge no nude picnic occurred at all.A dissapointment and one that perhaps demands an explanation from its organiser?

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