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On Friday, I decided to give Absolution another crack and am glad that I did. I had not been for about one year and did not like the loud music. Upon entry I was greeted by a jolly lad who informed me that the dungeon was now outside and that it had a low cieling so be careful if I was going to use it. When I walked into the venue I was surprised that the music was at a far lower level then in my previous visit and the style had changed ( no longer dance stuff yippy)The room had been changed from one long room to several smaller areas. I think the venue had changed as I found a room by the bar that I am sure was not there before which was odd as this was a cellar bar????? The speakers had been switched off around the bar so I could have a conversation and the barman could hear my order. I met up with a couple and we went to the dungeon for a small amount of play. Fortunately for us the dungeon was empty and we stayed in there for around an hour which was good. I was dissapointed with the custom there as I do recall it being busier before, but was told that the local paper had put the advert in the week before.
To the chap that runs it (forgot your name) keep it up and I will be back next time, hopefully with friends

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Re: Absolution review (May)#1

Lancer, thanks for the positive feedback. As anyone that puts events on will know, it is hard to please everyone and in trying to do so sometimes no-one is pleased. The last event was run on a bank holiday weekend and that always depletes the attendance. I also received quite a few calls from peeps saying that they would be there next time but the last episode of friends was being shown as was the first new big brother. We will see. I am glad that the music level and type was better for you. Look on the events listing for news on Junes event. And to jog your memory, my name is Tony and the lad on the door is Steve. Come introduce yourself to me next time.

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Re: Absolution review (May)#2

Thanks for the review Lancer, that balances out what others attendees of the same night reported back to me and a few BDSM friends.

My partner and I went to the first 4 Absolution nights in MK but stopped - the loud (and 'not very BDSM') music, the high smoke levels amongst other things.

I introduced 8 people to the third one but consensus wasn't good. 2 returned (with friends) in May 04 to see if it had improved. They didn't manage to find the dungeon areas so inaccurately reported back that it was a fancy dress club night - I'll make sure word travels around the folks I know to correct that.

If I had more information, I'll happily pass it on.

Has the smoke level been changed? What music was played and was it overpowering in the Dungeon area? What Dungeon Equipment was available - last time I went it was a rather rickety St Andrew's Cross, A spank bench and an iron bed.

Was there any guidance on etiquette (this was talked about last year, but I don't know if it happened).

Whilst we all accept that 'playing' in public gives folks a licence to watch, there were concerns from our early experiences there about inappropriate crowding, catcalling and interfering - has that been sorted out?

I'm mentoring a couple of 'new' ladies who want only to play with other ladies so I want to make sure this would be an appropriate and pleasant first BDSM club experience for them, before I suggest it.

It sounds like things have moved forward for the better so congrats to all for their hard work.

Best wishes

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Re: Re: Absolution review (May)#3

Captiv8ted thank you very much for your comments about how Absolution was. Initially I had a partner in Absolution but at the begining of the year he pulled out which has allowed me to make quite a few changes. These changes should (I hope) make a difference from when you first attended. The biggest change has been the level of music, this is now quite low and I am more open to change the level during the night if someone complains about it. The style of music varies from night to night, check the events page for more details.

I am sorry that your friends did not find the dungeon, there were signs on the walls pointing to the dungeon which has now been housed in an outside room. The room is temporary and will at some point move in to a larger one once the building work has been completed. The ceiling at the moment is not as high as I would like it but at least we have a room. The furniture in the room rotates all apart from a St Andrews Cross that has been securely fixed to the wall. The other furniture iincludes whippping stools, benches, stocks etc. There is no bed in this room. I did have a bed in another room but afeter having three beds destroyed on consecutive nights, I have temporarily removed that feature until a more robust bed is purchased.

I am trying to ensure taht Absolution is mentioned on the event listing page. You can get onto the E-mailing list by requesting your details to be added. there is also a web site www.upfront-promotions.com
There is also more appropriate low level music playing in the dungeon.

I do not use the smoke machines in the venue as all it does is make me cough and give me a sore throat.....why should I do that?

There were ettiquette guidance slips on the main desk and also some larger versions pinned to the walls in various places, but what I will aim to do in the future is hand them out on entry so there will be no excuse in the future.

I now have a couple of roaming DMs that should ensure taht there is no catcalling, overcrowding or inappropriate behavior. I do not have a problem with ejecting people if they do not stop bad behaviour after having it pointed out to them, but in so saying I have not had to eject anyone this year!

As far as your 'new' ladies are comncerned I am never sure who will turn up on what night.

Once more I would like to thank you for your comments now and for you and everyone to know that I do listen to what is said and act upon it when I can.


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thanks Tony#4

Hi Tony,

Thanks so much for replying - I didn't mean to dredge up yesteryear stuff in a negative way, just wanted to know what had changed. It sounds like things have moved on a lot. I'll pass the word out as a lot of your changes address the concerns/issues of the original gang of us who used to come along.

I'll speak to the two ladies who visited again in May but couldn't find the dungeon. I'll make sure that information gets passed on to them (they're not on the net) and any of the people I know who they may have inadvertently misled. Well done you (and your team).

I have and will continue to recommend Absolution as a local night. I was at another (quarterly) Bedford Fetish Night in March and I did recommended Absolution to all the folks there. I'll do the same again at the next one.

I'll try and get over there again soon (when work commitments ease up - I now work evenings Thursday thru Sunday).

Best wishes and here's to the continued success of Absolution.

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Re: Bedford event#5

I'd very much like to see a review of the Bedford event - I'm assuming it was 'Spank!' ? I'd have been there myself but I have no transport since the accident last year :(

I'm one of the admins here on ukfetish.info...
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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