Absolution Friday 27th AugustReview: Event

I know that there are a lot of people that read these comments and I thought that perhaps an insight to what trials and tribulations occur when trying to organise an event. On Thursday afterneeon I arrived at the venue to set up for Fridays event. After succesfully hanging the drapes, we had the venue management unlock the room that we use as a part store room and dungeon only to find that there had been a small water leak and the romm was incredibly damp. That was the first problem. Problem number two was that someone had nicked the cash tray from the till. I did not think that things could go futrther askew but I was wrong. On Thursday morning I had alreay spoken with both my DJs for the evening to check that they were still ok for the night. I tried again on Friday but was unable to get them.....strange. 8:00 p.m. I thought I had better pick up some CDs from work to drop on for the early part of the evening. When I got to the venue, I was told that the Venues resident DJ would not be able to play for Absolution. So with a handfull of Cds, a 5 min course on how to use the decks I was dropped in the deep end 5Hours of DJing wow!!!. So that was the third problem. The fourth problem occured when the security peeps started letting vanillas downstairs and as I was Djing I could not eject them as quickly as I would have liked.

With all these points taken into consideration, I still had a lot of people telling me that they had a good evening, and I am glad about that
So there you have it, another side of running an event

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Re: Absolution Friday 27th August#1

'Welcome to the world of promotion '...Sorry to sound harsh..but that's how club life is...Managers 'sell beer 'and promotors like yourself ' sell venues '...I have been in promotion for 20 years..I closed my last regular show 11 weeks ago which had run for 14 years consecutivley...over 740 Friday nights....
Unfortunatley door staff breifing is a must...D/J's who 'no show ' should be sacked unless they can prove a close family memeber died....
I know I sound harsh, but that's how I got to run my last show for 14 years....Denny who runs this site knows me, and knows that I expect the best from those who work the show, but in essence they know that to, so won't get involved unless they are really commited.

I used to run a security firm and currently run an events services company ..I must admit, if all these obsticles were placed in my way on just one night, I would start to wonder if darker forces were working against me...but hey, maybe I've been doing this for too long :)

If you need help in securing the potential of your event..contact the webmaster of this site and relay to him this post..he will know who I am.

I truley hope my post has not encroached on the integrity of anyone involved with this site, if it has then please remove this post.

As ever..regards and respect

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Re: Re: Absolution Friday 27th August#38

Respect is important


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Absolution 24th september#2

yet again it was another great and well organised, dispite illness the organiser came to great all his guests and helped make the night what it is today.
After various problems with last months this was a successful night and I heared quite a few people say they'll be back for next months.
I noticed a few new comers from last month who came back to join in with all the fun.
This month our twister board was put out agian on the stage by request and was used for the first time in ages and it was a great laugh.
It would be great to see all these new comers back again for what will be another succesful night in October. For anyone reading this who for some reason has not been down there yet it would be great to see you there as well.

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Re: Absolution Friday 27th August#35

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Re: Absolution Friday 27th August#36

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Re: Absolution Friday 27th August#37

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Re: Absolution Friday 27th August#39

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