London Ladies-only Munch??News

Start up mailing list for those who might be interested in a pansexual monthly London pub/bar munch type event.

We have a venue for up to 50-60 people, who will allow us a private bar free of charge, although we would expect the event to be smaller.

All comments and suggestions welcome - this is a mailing list only for the time being.

All ages/religions/persuasions very welcome.

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I thought pansexual was supposed to mean 'inclusive of all genders'? I don't see how that description applies to a ladies-only event...

Not that I have any objection to a ladies-only munch :) I just don't think it's correct to describe one as 'pansexual'.

I'm one of the admins here on
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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