Hi everyone. We run a sexy boudoir lingerie and sex toy website and need some advice!! Our site has been going for about a year and we put alot of work in to it. We have had loads of great comments, and everyone seems to think the site is gorgeous, but we need more sales!! and wonder if we are doing something wrong? Our site is aimed at everyone who loves sex and sensuality, we sell lots of erotic lingerie, corsets, crystal skin wear, whips and crops, hand cuffs, sexy books and much more... any comments or constructive ways to drive more traffic to our site would be much appreciated!!! our site is called www.Oooh-la-la.co.uk Thanks.

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Why not have an Open Night, where you could show what you have to offer. You could even demo some of the items, such as the restraints etc.

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This site is no longer!!

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Still accessible


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Cant believe this article made soo much sense now. You really have a talent for this! Continue pressing on!

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I really loved it here but are there any recent updates? Thanks more

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Okay then!


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doulaYou have the best ideas.

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Great blog !! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned.


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