Sex Maniacs Ball / Erotic Oscars 2001Review: Event

This was going to be a new event for us. As part of our nomination we received tickets to attend the Sex Maniacs Ball, to be held in London, at the Chainstore, Trinity Bouy Wharf, on the banks of the Thames just over the river from the Millenuim Dome. This is an annual event held by the Sexual Freedom Coalition in aid of the Outsiders Trust. The venue was a combination of buildings including a lighthouse, which gave a lot of scope for spreading out the attractions , and keeping everybody cool, under the circumstances. The breeze off the river was very welcome after a long hot evenings cabaret. the toilets were excellent , the best Portaloos I have ever used ...... ten out of ten for them .......

The people and expereinces we encountered , were many and varied, all kinds of people, orientations, abilities and fashions coming together to celebrate their sexuality, be it hetro, BDSM, gay, bi or lesbian. Most people had entered into the spirit of the event with costumes as varied as their wearers.

The cabaret was provided by a selection of strippers and erotic artists, the interpretations of the set moves varied from Ice and Fire, to cold baked beans and a banana. Special mention to Rosie Lugosi, and congratulations too, on your award.

My high points of the evening ...... winning our award, meeting Mary-Ann Kenworthy, the Madam and sexual campaigner from Australia, drooling over some of the fashion , the excellent toilets .....the variety of people and pleasures , the whole atmosphere of sexual celebration and exploration. Low points ....... high drinks prices, and poor directions, dropping the wings of my award on the floor as we collected it, leaving early as we had to be back here on Sunday early.

Lessons learned, arrive early, dont wear wings on your costume without practising first, they get knocked, and knock into people, and get stuck in narrow doors, and bring plenty of cash, its all in a good cause.

Kind Regards

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Many congrats on your award ... I cant think of people of deserve it more ... keep up the good work !!


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Re: Congratulations#2

Very calming

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