Anonyspam Weblog

I've finally given up and disabled anonymous comments and story submissions. The amount of botspam the site gets is quite horrendous (I'm still trying to clear the comments database out as you might notice), and this should prevent most of it from now on.

Aircon Direct / Laptops Direct / Easy Computing Weblog

I thoroughly recommend not buying anything from these people:

Who are also these people:

Who are both owned by these people:

Their prices are slightly lower than most other places, but their customer service (as I have now found out) amounts to 'Hey, that's great, we've got your money - you can fuck off now. What do you mean, 'where is my stuff?', just fuck off okay?'. Seriously. I am now going through the 'disputed visa payments' procedure with my bank to try to get my money back, as the company in question seems to have no interest in providing me with either goods or refund. It has of course taken me several pounds worth of calls to their premium rate 'customer service' number to find out these facts.

Shooooooooes... Weblog

Managed to catch up with Alternative Footwear at the Skin Two Expo at the end of last year and they refunded me for those boots. All's well that ends well.

Alternative Footwear Weblog

I'm having a bit of a worrying time with a shoe order from Alternative Footwear this year. I ordered some 100 ballet shoes from them just after Xmas last year, and they were delivered in early January, but turned out to have a manufacturing defect (sole was detached from the upper on one shoe). I rang them up and got the details for sending them back, and did so - they were confirmed delivered by the post office at the end of January.

Since then I've heard nothing back.

I've emailed asking for an update, with no reply, and I've tried phoning them several times on various days and times, and their phones are never answered. I'm starting to worry that they've gone bust or something :(

Anyway, if I don't get some news soon, I guess this will be a bad review for the front page, but I'm holding off on that for as long as possible because this company have always had a great reputation as far as I know. I'm trying to give them every benefit of the doubt before I decide that something has really gone that badly wrong...

Some things change, some things stay the same... Weblog

Well, some good news from the last six months: I got a new job, and I moved to London to start working there, at the end of August 2004. This puts me in good range for the London fetish scene!

On the down side, my recovery from the accident is getting slower the nearer the end it gets, so although I can mostly walk okay and without a cane now (the cold has got me limping again though), I still can't run, or (most important of all) dance. I really really miss dancing. It sucks not being able to dance for over a year.

I've been out to some clubs anyway, and it's been nice to get out... I'll be happier when I can bounce around on those dancefloors though.

Upright(ish) Weblog

Well... I can walk again now, although it requires the help of a cane and a boatload of prescription painkillers. Hopefully things will continue to improve - I'm told they will.

I've started to regain some enthusiasm for life now... something that's been missing over the last couple of years. Maybe I'll start going out again one of these days. Still can't dance though, not yet anyway :( so I'm not that keen to start doing the rounds of hard house oriented fetish nights just yet...

In other news... Weblog leg is still broken. I'm still on crutches. God this is tedious.

I still haven't found another job yet either (my old employer shuffled me out of the door while I was on sick leave, charming bit of sneakiness that was). I've got a couple of interviews next week though, so that looks slightly more hopeful than it has so far.

Not a lot is happening in my life since my leg was broken, so this weblog is just a collection of links for the online game I've been playing to try and take my mind off of things... hopefully it will liven up a bit once I can walk (and dance) again.

Kings of Chaos - Age 3 beta Weblog

The online game addiction continues :)

Click here to make a soldier for my army, and feel free to join up as my officer if you fancy playing too:

Link changed, again Weblog

Time. Moves. So. Slowly. With a broken leg. Weblog

Still playing this online game - here's my new link, click it (and follow the instructions) if you'd like to help me out...